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  • Arndell Park deadlocking door dog and the Outdoor Key Safe

  • puppy boot 300x232 Arndell Park deadlocking door dog and the Outdoor Key SafeDeadlocks are wonderful and affordable way to add security to your home. In this day and age it surprises me that many houses don’t have them fitted. Having deadlocks on all your exterior doors achieves many things.

    • Firstly they are a deterrent to thieves even bothering to break into your house as they make access to your home more difficult.
    • Secondly if thieves do manage to break in they can make it far more difficult for them to leave with large items at the deadlock will prevent them from opening your door’s even if they have managed to gain entry through a side window.
    • Thirdly in the event of a burglary having deadlocks will show your insurance company that you talk all reasonable steps to secure your property. Unfortunately insurance companies are in the business of making money so that means if they can avoid reimbursing you the lost property taken during a burglary that was made easier by your lax home security for them they will do so.

    So deadlocks are a good idea but that they are also the most common reason we are called to a home especially when the owner is not used to living in a house with deadlocks just want to live outside and checked the mailbox? Is that Mr whippy driving past and you need to race outside to buy an ice cream?

    No problem – just take your keys with you.