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  • Blacktown Locksmith – Lost Caravan Keys at Stanhope gardens

  • I  got a call out this week to the Sydney Gateway Holiday Park in Stanhope Gardens.  It’s a popular caravan park, close to Blacktown. I was greeted at the front gate by my two new, rather elderly clients and the park management let me in with my van.

    My new clients were on the trip of a lifetime, a trip around Australia.  They had gone into town to do a bit of food shopping and somehow lost a bag… a bag containing the caravan keys.  They had a spare set…. but these were in the same bag.

    The problem with caravans, is they are built from components supplied by many different companies… and every component has its own key.

    There is a key for the front door, for the front screen door, for the drop down table, the outside cooktop, the water tanks, the storage container… the often caravan keys also have keys to padlocks on bikes….. Losing the caravan keys is a major problem.

    Luckily, I had seen this kind of thing before and came prepared.  I set to work removing all the barrels from all the different doors, and replaced them with a same key barrel.  Instead of handing over 6+ new keys… I handed over 4 identical ones, so each of my new customers had one and a spare they could stash somewhere.

    I affixed a pin coded keysafe under the caravan just in case they had a similar incident… except this time in a more unfortunate location like the back of Bourke, or the northern Territory.  I imagine a 1000klm callout for a locksmith might cost a bit more than a 5klm callout in Blacktown!

    I am thinking a Locksmith who set up at the next Sydney camping and caravan show in would do a roaring trade.