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    Target Locksmiths are Ford Falcon Locksmiths. At present if you’re locked out of your ford Falcon car we can get you back in fast. We carry Ford Falcon Car unlocking and picking door lock tools.

    • 1998 Ford Falcon Station wagon Auto 4.0L AU Forte Ford Falcon Locksmiths
    • 1999 Ford Falcon AU Forte Petrol 6 cylinder
    • 1999 Falcon Ford Ute unleaded fuel automatic AU Forte
    • 2000 Ford Falcon AU Forte Wagon Automatic
    • 2000 AU II Forte Ford Falcon Wagon
    • 2001 Ford Falcon AU III Forte sedan
    • 2001 AU II Ford Falcon Forte Sedan Automatic
    • AU III Forte 2002 Ford Falcon Auto transmission
    • 2003 Ford Falcon BA Futura Sports Automatic sedan automatic
    • 2004 Ford Falcon BA Futura Sports Automatic Wagon
    • 2005 Ford Falcon BA MKII Futura Sports Automatic
    • 2006 Ford Falcon BF Futura Sports Automatic
    • 2007 Ford Falcon BF Mk 2 Futura Sports Sedan Automatic
    • 2008 Ford Falcon BF MKII Futura Sports Automatic

     If you have left your keys in the car by accident and you need to find out how to unlock your car or at least get your door opened. Call target Locksmiths on 0439 516 536. We have a range of special tools and rods that help us to gain access into your passenger door, boot, trunk, drivers door etc.

    If you are trying to start or turn the ignition in your Ford Falcon and the lights come on but the key does not activate anything it may mean that your ignition barrel might need to be replaced. It is common for the black plastic to fall off and loose the contact connection between the key and ignition with no power connecting through. Quite often to save a lot of problems an money the back plate that is behind the ignition will fall off. Sometimes we can glue the plate back on and re clamp to hold the back plate in place. This all generally happens from movement over the years and wear and tear.

    Over time we have seen a number of BA Ford Falcon remotes fail. The general problem to these are the remotes wear out or the battery goes flat. Worse part is when the battery goes flat it can loose its memory so even when you put a new battery in the remote it wont work sometimes as it forgot the old codes. Sometimes a simple program re-sync may get it all fixed up in no time.

    Often customers ask us can they try to break into the car. Our response is you can try but remember we are professionals and we wont damage your car. If you attempt to break into your car you run the risk of scratching paint, denting your car, smashing your window which will cost a lot more that what we charge. No need to take your car to a car yard give us a call and lets see if we can help your car back on the road real quick.

    A few Ford Falcon Variant cars that we have seen in Australia.

    • Ford AU Falcon XR6 sedan Ford Falocn Locksmiths
    • Ford AU Series III Falcon SR sedan
    • Ford BA Falcon XR6 sedan
    • Ford BA Series II Falcon XT sedan
    • Ford BF Falcon XR6 sedan

    Target Locksmiths Ford Falcon Specialties:

    • Unlock a Ford Falcon door
    • Locked keys in a Ford Falcon, We can open Car door Locks
    • Key jammed in a Falcon ignition? We repair Falcon ignitions and replace ignitions.
    • Unlock Ford Falcon Station wagon rear doors
    • Open Ford Falcon boots and Trunks
    • Cut keys on site
    • Replacement Keys on site

    Ford Falcon Locksmiths

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