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    Hilux Locksmiths Toyota (NSW) 1988,1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997, dual cab, single cab, extra cab,xtra cab, door Lock, ignition barrels, key.Target Locksmiths service all Toyota Hilux trucks of the 5th Generation of Hiluxes in NEW SOUTH WALES Australia. We service all areas of the western Sydney suburbs including Blacktown, Mount Druitt, St Marys, Penrith, Liverpool, Cabramatta, Parramatta, Cambeltown, Holroyd, Wetherill Park and Fairfield.

    Australian Toyota Hilux N50 Series Cars we have seen on the road:

    • 1988 Toyota Hilux Single Cab tray back Hilux Locksmiths Toyota
    • 1988 Dual Cab RN85R DX 4 door petrol ute
    • 1998 SR5 4Runner Toyota Hilux wagon 4×4
    • 1989 Hilux Toyota Cab Chasis  2 door
    • 1989 4 Runner Toyaota Hilux 2.2L SR5
    • 1990 Toyota Hilux RN85R unleaded fuel 2 door ute automatic workmate
    • 1990 RN105R Toyota Hilux DX 4×4 4 door ute petrol manual
    • 1990 RN90R Toyota Hilux manual 2 door ute 4 cyl DX
    • 1990 Grinner YN85R Toyota Hilux  1.8l ute 2 door manual
    • 1990 RN85R Toyota Hilux Diesel Automatic 2 door- 4 door manual
    • 1990LN106R Toyota Hilux 2 door manual diesel 4×4 – 4 door
    • 1990RN11R Toyota Hilux 2.8D Diesel 4×4
    • LN85R Toyota Hilux  1990 Diesel Automatic cab chasis
    • 1990 RN90R 2 door ute unleaded Automatic rear wheel drive Toyota Hilux
    • 1990 RN105R Toyota Hilux manula 4×4 single cab
    • 1990 RN110R single cab welded back unleaded petrol 4WD manual transmission
    • LM85R Toyota Hilux 1990 cab chasis diesel manual 
    • 1991 Toyota Hilux RN110R unleaded ULP 4×4  manual 2 doors Ute Tray DX Auto
    • 1991 Toyota Hilux Surf Automatic SSR 2.0L 
    • Toyota Hilux SUV SSR LIMITED EDITION 1991 Surf  diesel 2.4L
    • 1992 Toyota Hilux Surf  2.4L SUV Manual
    • Toyota Hilux LN106R 1991 model manual diesel 4×4 
    • 1993 Toyota Hilux Surf  RN106R SR5
    • 1993 RN90R Toyota Hilux SR5 Turbo diesel
    • Toyota Hilux RN 85R 1993 2 door 22r model
    • 1994 Toyota Hilux  SR5 Extra Cab
    • 1994 Toyota Hilux surf 3.0L manual SUV – Automatic
    • 1995 LN107R SR5 Toyota Hilux  Dual Cab utility Diesel
    • 1995 Toyota Hilux RN105R DX 5 speed 4X4 petrol
    • LN11R Extra Cab Toyota Hilux  extended cab
    • 1995 Ln86R Toyota Hilux  cab chasis utilty – dual cab
    • 1995 RN85R Toyota Hilux DX Dual Cab – cab chasis
    • 1996 RN110R Toyota Hilux 22R SR5 4X4 Xtra Cab
    • LN106R DX Toyota Hilux 4×4 manual 2.8L
    • 1997 Toyota Hilux LN86R Auto 2 Door 4SPD 2.8D
    • 1997 Toyota Hilux Space Cab 3.6L V6 Gas and Petrol
    • 1997 Toyota Hilux Ute 2 door single cab work vehicle tray top 2WD
    • 1997 Four Wheel Drive  Toyota Hilux  ute dual cab LN106R Diesel Twin cab

    Often we get asked how much does it really cost to get a Toyota Hilux key. It can range from $100.00 to as much as $2000.00 depending on which Locksmith or car dealer looks after your key. We highly recommend everyone to have a spare key – even if its a non remote key. A non remote key will cost around $100.00 and will save you thousands of dollars if you loose your keys completely. We can cut you a second key which will save you a lot of money in the long run if you loose your other key.

    As Toyota Hilux Lovers we undertsand alot about Toyota Hi-luxes and we can help when you have locked your keys in the car or your ignition is not working properly. Our fifth genration Toyota Hilux services are:

    • Unlock Toyota Hilux door Hilux Locksmiths Toyota
    • Replace left side door lock
    • Replace Rights ide door Lock
    • Install brand New ignition barrel
    • Repair Ignitions with an Ignition barrel repair kit
    • Cut keys
    • Duplicate keys – copy keys 
    • Canopy Lock installation
    • Open canopy Locks when lost keys
    • Make keys for a Toyota Hilux
    • Replace or rekey all locks when keys have been lost or stolen
    • Keys locked in the car – we get cars open
    • Broken keys- Broken Locks – we repair them
    • Emergency Toyota Locksmith
    • Toyota Hilux Key replacements
    • Toyota Hilux Car Locksmith
    • Toyota Hilux Automotive Locksmiths
    • 4×4 Toyota Hilux Locksmiths

    Some simples things to remember, if you have lost your Toyota Hilux keys dont panic, dont try to stick coat hangers and wires in the eindow or use a tool to force the lock open, dont smash a window. Call Target Locksmiths first they can provide you with honest advice before you damage your car. We have seen several attemps to break into a Toyota Hilux that did not work, what we arrived to was alarms going off, dented doors, scratched windows, scratched window tint, chipped paint, bent keys broken keys and very upset people. We are professionals and this is what we do everyday. We are the most affordable Locksmith that will tell you upfront as it is. No hidden tricks or prices.

    Hilux Locksmiths Toyota

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    Hilux Locksmiths Toyota