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    Lost Keys – Keys Lost – Lost a Key  – 0439 516 536

    Have you lost the key to your Holden Commodore. Are you looking for someone to make a new key for your Holden Commodore. If your keys have been stolen or mis-placed we are able to cut , program and supply a new key for you Holden Commodore Car. If you need a new key for your car Talk to us for the most affordable Price to obtain new keys. We are the cheapest Holden Commodore Locksmith Key supplier that will look after you with pricing and value for money. Dont worry about loosing a key call us to get your problem sorted fast.

    Commodore Key Remote Head: 0439 516 536 Holden Commodore Key

    A Holden Commodore Key has a Remote head, if you need another key head with the black remote part onto, you need to make sure that you get the key programmed or it will not work. A key shell on its own without being programmed will now work. Many people say you have to go to a Holden Dealer or Dealership to re program the key. This is not True. Jason at Target Locksmiths is able to Program you key on the spot which will be cheaper than any card yard dealer service centre.

    Commodore Key with Buttons 1 2 or 3:  0439 516 536

    Have you got a holden Commodore key that has two buttons or Thrre button on the remote key head. There is a choice of Holden Key shell with two button and three button function. These are Generally Lock and unlock and a boot function.

    The one button remote is generally suited to the earlier model Commodores to unlock doors  for sedans and utes. The two button remote is generally for the later model utes and wagons to lock and unlock the door. Then the three button remote is generally suited for the later model sedans.

    Holden Commodore Spare key 0439 516 536

    If you have a key that already works and operates the door and ignition then the chances are the second key you need may only be a spare key. We are able to copy the information off your original key and this will make a duplicate of your first key. This is called cloning a key. Car Keys can be set on a 3 button remote just in come cases not all the buttons will actually have a function and wont work .  A second spare key is always handy incase you loose the first key.

    Need a New Key: 0439 516 536

    Talk to us at Target Locksmiths. We are happy to provide the best advice in replacing your key, buttons or remote. Our services are honest, profeesional and well respected.  We supply Brand new keys that can be programmed to suit your vehicle anytime. 

    Holden Commmodore Key Locksmiths Services:

    • Cut Holden Commodore Key Holden Commodore 2 Button Key Remote Locksmiths
    • Program Key and Keys
    • Supply comple key with T- Blade and Screw or Just remote key head or shell.
    • Full supply of GMH Remote Key Heads
    • Genuine Holden Commodore Keys
    • Original Holden Commodore Key
    • Holden Commodore Transponder Key
    • Holden Commodore Key with Chip
    • Battery Changes in Holden Key Remotes
    • Key Blade can be cut as new or swap over with your existing key
    • Key blades (metal ParT is interchangable
    • Supply New Key Case and Key Blades
    • Worn Key Replacements
    • Buttons On Key Replacement
    • Old Holden Commodore Key Head with Remotes
    • Re- Programming of Holden Commodore Keys
    • Missing Screws in the Holden Commodore Remote
    • Spot Welded Batteries issue

    Which Key do I get for my Holden Commodore car?

    The 3 button remote key head is commonly used across all the commodore models these days, but over the years there were specific designs for the one and two button remote head keys.

    • VR Holden Key (Best suited for a utility truck- 1Button Remote Head) Holden Commodore 1 Button Remote Key Head Locksmith
    • VR Berlina Holden Commodore Key (best suited to a 2 button remote head)
    • Calais VR Holden Commodore Key (best suited to a 2 button remote head)
    • Holden Commodore Statesman Key (best suited to a 2 button remote head)
    • Holden Commodore Caprice Key (best suited to a 2 button remote head)
    • VT Holden Key (suits most models)
    • VS Holden Key (Best suited for a utility Truck – 1 Button Remote head)
    • VS Utility Holden Key series II (best suited to a 2 button remote head)
    • Holden Executive Sedan  Commodore (Best suited to a 2 button Black remote head)
    • Holden Commodore Berlina wagon (Best suited to a 2 button transponder key
    • VX Holden Key (suits most models)
    • VY Holden Key (suits most models)
    • VZ Holden Key(suits most models)
    • Always remember a 3 button remote is not recommended for use on the Holden Commodore Executive Models.

    The Models and makes we know key Remotes work with:

    • 1993 VR Holden Commodore Sedan Key one button head  Locksmiths Holden Commodore Key
    • 1994 Holden Commodore VR Key sedan one button head
    • 1995 Commodore (Holden) VR Key for a Sedan one button remote head
    • 1993 Vr Holden Commodore Two button remote key head Calais
    • 1994 Holden Calais Two button remote head  VR
    • 1995 Commodore Calais VR 2 Button Holden Remote key head 
    • 1993 VR and VS Holden Commodore  Wagon or Ute 2 button remote keys
    • 1994 Two Button Remote Key head for holden Commodore Ute and Utility Trucks VS  plus VS
    • 1995 Holden Commodore Key Remotes  2 button suits VR and VS  ute and untiily vehicle
    • 1996 Holden Commodore 2 button remote key heads 2 button keys V and VS Models
    • 1997 Commodore Utes and Commodore Utility 2 button key remote VR & VS
    • 1993 VR and VS Sedan Holden Commodore Key blanks 3 button
    • 1994 Holden Commodore Key Remote for Vr and VS Sedans Keys three button Holden Commodore Broken Buttons Key Head
    • 1995 Commodore Sedan Vr and VS Model car key Remote head (Three buttons)
    • 1996 Push button thee button Remote Key head Holden Commodore Sedan Vr and VS
    • 1997 Holden Commodore VR and VS 3 Button Remote for Sedan Vehicles 
    • 1998 Holden Commodore VS Sedan Key Blade and Remote 3 button
    • 1999 Commodore Station Wagon  VS Holden Key Remote 3 button
    • 2000 Holden Commodore VS Ute 3 button key 
    • 2001 Holden Commodore VZ 3 Button Holden Commodore Remote Key head
    • 2002 VZ Holden Commodore Remote 3 button Key
    • 2003 3 button VZ Commodore Holden Ute Key 3 Button
    • 2004 VZ Holden Commodore Sedan 3 Button Remote Key head
    • 2005 VZ Holden Commodore Wagon 3 Button Remote Control Key Head

    Holden Commodore Keys

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