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  • Holden Commodore VR Locksmiths 1993 1994 1995

  • Holden Commodore VR Locksmiths

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    Our locksmiths work on all VR model Holdens from July 1993 to April 1995

    • VR ll Commodore SS 
    • VR ll Commodore Executive Sedan
    • Holden Commodore VR S
    • VR ll Commodore Berlina Sedan
    • Holden Commodre VR
    • Holden Commodore BT1 (police Pack)
    • Holden Commodore Acclaim 
    • Holden Commodore Calais
    • Limited Edition Holden Commodre Vacationer

    In 1993 the VR commodore was car of the year in the wheels magazine 

    Holden Commodore VR IgnitionIts one of those problems with the VR series that almost all cars run into. You turn the key to the on position and it gets stuck and locks up. The fuel pump light stays on but the key doesnt do not anything. Then you know you need a new ignition barrel. Also what can also happen is the ignition switch can fall away from the barrel. Often you hear of stories that people use screw drivers to start a car and turn the ignitions – yes its true but its not safe.

     1993 to 1994 to 1995 VR SERIES COMMODORES

    We now service and replace Holden VR Ignitions and cut and program Holden VR car keys.

     Batteries in the Head of Holden VR Keys are sometimes found to be spot welded/ soldered in to keep the battery in place. If you remove the battery the program can be lost and it could get quite expensive. Get a spare key made first before you tamper with any of your existing keys.  Have the buttons on your keys been worn off or are they falling apart. You can get replacement rubber buttons but a new key is recommended as dust, and moisture enters the key and over time the key will start to fall apart. Never only have one key to your car ALWAYS HAVE A SPARE KEY. If you dont have one – get one now.

    Its not always the case when your central locking fails in your Vr Holden that you need you locks or a locking system. We can simply remove the trims off all the doors and check and service all the connections. At times dust collects in cars and a build up of grease and grime including alot of movement can cause bad conncetions. We always like to attempt to freshen up the parts that connect together before replacing driver door or passenger door locks.

    Boot Locks Vr commodores another locking area that can fail. Generally spring loaded and are not hard to replace just can be a bit tricky. These days the cost of a new lock is almost the same as a second hand lock from a wrecker. AS the VR’s get older they are harder to find second hand but brand new locks are still avialble in commercial quanities and parts are made cheaper than many years ago.


    VR Holden Commodore