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    Holden VY Commodore Locksmiths –  we are Target Locksmiths that service all Holden VY Model cars. These Cars were manufactured in the year 2002, year 2003, and year 2004. The keys in the VY series tend to loose battery power in time causing the remote to longer work. Sometimes if you manually open the car door with the key, if your lucky the car will start by picking up a sense of power from the car itself. If this happens to you see it a warning. Get a spare key ASAP. Don’t leave it till the key is useless. If your key does not work then your car does not work!. Call us now to copy a Holden VY car key. We can duplicate and clone VY series cars.

    People with VY Holdens like to modify and repair locks as best as they can to save money. A bad habit we have seen is when Central Locking fails and everything has been checked, people disconnect the battery. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE BATTERY. This could wipe the cars computer memory including the Central Locking Systems Memory. Before you attempt the impossible talk to us at Target Locksmiths on 0439 516 536. Our advice is FREE and may save you hundreds

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    How to change a Holden Commodore VY Ignition?

    Its common to get your key jammed in the ignition (Stuck in the lock position) of a Holden Commodore. You can try Lubing the lock a little, jiggling it around and applying a little pressure to turn the key. If it fails you will require a Brand New ignition. You will need a locksmith to remove and replace your ignition barrel as the key needs to be turned to the accessory position to get going but if its locked up then it wont turn. If you force the lock too much its likely you will damage the barrel and pins – so you will need a new Barrel, and new keys which can get expensive.

    If you find that your key does not work. You have pushed the remote buttons and the car is not unlocking there is a few simple things you should try. Manually open the car with the key. Place the key in the ignition and wait a few seconds then crank it over. Sometimes this works and you can be off to your next destination, but if it happens to you think of it as a warning and your lucky day. This will sometimes mean that the battery is going flat in the key and its time to ensure you have a second spare key. call us to cut a spare key for you NOW before its too late.

    If the light is gone in Your Commodore Holden VY ignition we can replace this for you.  Removing the bulb can be Tricky and you need to remember when taking the T5 bulb out to not squeese the light globe in between your fingers as the glass will break. 

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