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    Holden Vz Commodore Locksmiths are proud to be able to service the last car of the Third generation of that series. The VZ Commodores were manufactured in the year 2004, year 2005, and year 2006. Known as the 04, 05 and 06 Holden Commodores of the range.

    Our Service area includes Blacktown, Parramatta, Penrith, Western Sydney, Liverpool, Fairfield, Mt Druitt and all surrounding suburbs.

    The VZ commodore Holdens are often know and spoken about in Drag racing on the streets with the power behind them they can rip at the best of times. A popular car that VZ owners love to custom  and modify to improve looks and make the Holden go faster. Locks have been modified with different coloured rims and keys. 

    Holden Commodore Locksmiths Ignition Barrels are the first Lock to genearlly fail in a Commodore. It is known by Locksmiths to see Commodore ignitions go in time from being warn out and starting to break down.

    Getting a Holden Commode Key cut should only be done by a Holden Commodore VZ Locksmith that is confident he knows what he is doing. Franchise Key Cutting stores generally still have old key cutting machines which often ends up in a disaster as keys cannot be cut and programmed correctly.

    A common problem we are helping VZ owners with is, often people stop the car and leave the keys in the ignition to step out of the car to check something or grab something. Moments later they return to the car and the car is locked up on them. The car is Auto locked with the keys still in the ignition. Call Target Locksmiths on 0439 516 536 and we will help you

    Our priority with Holden VZ commodores is if your are locked out of your VZ we will get you back in. Lost your Commodore keys we can get your door open. We also have ways of retrieving your keys from your car without actually opening your car door lock.  Each call we receive is different and the keys are in a different place of the car. So we have the option to try several different methods of breaking into a car a VZ commodore to be exact.

    Holden Commodore VZ Services:

    • Holden Commodore VZ Ignitions
    • VZ Holden Commodore Keys
    • VZ Holden Commodore Passenger door Locks
    • Drivers Side Door Locks for Holdens 
    • Glove Box Lock on Holden Commodore VZ’s
    • Trunk – Boot Lock Holden Commodore
    • Genuine Holden Commodore locks
    • Ignition Switch for Holden Commodores 2004, 2005 VZ
    • Ignition Barrel and Door Lock VZ
    • Keyine Key Cutting of VZ Holden Commodores

    If you want to break into a Holden Commodore ZV its advisable to leave it to the professionals, to save having scratched paint or a damaged car. We have witnessed people over the years open VZ car locks but the damaged they caused to the car was pretty bad, and the cars required a new paint job. We can help even after you have attempted to open a lock and wrecked a car, if you have the chance call us first that way you know we wont damage your car as we carry special Holden Commodore Lock picking and entry tools.

    Holden VZ Commodores we service:

    • VZ Calais Sedan Holden Commodore
    • VZ Holden Commodore SVZ Sedan
    • VZ Commodore Executive wagon
    • 2004 Holden Commodore executive VZ MYO6
    • Holden Commodore SV6 Sports VZ
    • 2005 Holden Commodore VZ acclaim
    • VZ Commodore Executive Sedan
    • Acclaim VZ Holden Commodore sedan
    • SVA Holden Commodore 
    • SS Holden Commodore sedan
    • Commodore Holden Sedan Berlina
    • 9C1 Holden police vehilce
    • Lumina Holden Commodore 
    • 2006 Holden Commodore VZ SV8 MY06
    • 2005 VZ Holden Commodore SV6 Sports Automatic
    • 2005 Equipe VZ  Holden Commodore motor car
    • SSZ Commodore Holden Car 2006
    • Statesman Top Holden Commodore vehicle
    • Holden Caprice
    • 2006 Holden Commodore VZ SS MYO6
    • Holden Monaro – Slick
    • SVZ Holden Commodore
    • SV8 Holden Commodore automobile
    • Automatic Transmission Holden Commodore VZ
    • Manual Transmission Commodore VZ Holdens
    • 4 speed, 5 speed and 6 speed Holden VZ Commodores

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