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  • Locksmith Holden Commodore VT 1997, 1998 , 1999 , 2000. We service and repair locks for these Commodore VT’s. The VT Commodore is the most popular Holden Commodore in the series that are still around today on the roads. From the 6 cylinder 3.8 litre Commodores to the 5 Litre V8 Holden Commodores in series 2. Found in 4 speed auto or a 6 speed manual transmission. In 1997 Holden released the first VT Commodore of the series, the first of the Third Generation of Holdens.

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    Here are a list of cars that we change ignitions and repair Locks for:

    • Holden Commodore VT Acclaim Sedan
    • V ll Holden Commodore Acclaim Station Wagon
    • VT Commodore Executive interior
    • Luxury Holden Berlina 
    • Holden Calais Sports
    • Olympic Edition Holden Commodore
    • HoldenCommodore 50th Anniversary Edition
    • Holden Commodore VT Equipe
    • Holden Commodore VT s
    • Holden Commodore VT SS
    • Holden Commodore VT l

    The Vt long wheel base station wagons were created as a new generation of Stateman and Caprice during these years. When we replace an ignition Barrel they genral come with one or two keys – if you require more than one key please do not hesitate to ask us – we are able to cut you a spare key on the spot. We install brand new ignitions with New Keys programmed and ready to go.

    Its common to find keys jammed in a VT ignition, keys stuck in the lock, locks that turn all the way but does not crank over the engine.

    When your key does not turn – or it gets stuck in the ignition you instantly think of a tow truck. Dont go calling a towie to tow your car away call us at Target Locksmiths we will replace the ignition for you – right where your car is. Avoid the expensive car dealers that will charge you a fortune to do the same job. If a car dealer tells you you need to bring the car into them – its only because they are not mobile and they can only make money when you bring your car to them for repairs.

    The Vt Commodores have an electronic emoboliser in the key head which has a computer chip in the head of the key.We supply Brand New Holden Commodore Keys for all VT cars. We can re – program VT Commodore Keys. With a Supply and Cut onsite we will save you money – stay clear of Expensive Car dealerships. So if you have lost your VT keys call us for a FREE QUOTE.

    Locksmith Holden Commodore Ignition VTHolden Commodore VT Ignition Barell Replacements 

    • Vt Ignition Barrel Fail – Vt ignition Barrel problem
    • Holden VT Broken ignition Barrel
    • Commodore Ignition Switch
    • VT ignition stuck in the lock position
    • Holden VT Barrel collapsed with warn wafers
    • ignition died – ignition barrel does not work. 
    • Faulty VT ignition Barrels


    Here is a handy tip for all our Vt customers – check your key ring and make sure you dont have a huge bunch of keys sitting with your commodore Key. Quite often customers are found with an excess amount of keys which pulls and wears out the ignition tumbler over time.

    Locksmith Holden Commodore VT

               1997 Model,  1998 Model, 1999 Model,  2000 Model  NSW

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