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    Nissan Pulsar N15 Locksmiths NSW 0439 516 536, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, Locked out, ignitions, rekeys, key cut, door locks, Sedan, Hatch back. The Nissan Pulsar N15 is the Fifth Generation of Pulsars. Locked out of a Nissan pulsar? Call 0439 516 536. Target Locksmiths can open your Nissan Pulsar Car door, Bonnet, Boot or window. 

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    The Australian Models of the Nissan Pulsar in the 5th Generation were the LX, SLX, SSS and Q versions. 3 Door Hatch Back, 4 door sedan and the 5 door Hatch. Some of these came with central locking and some without. Some had remote control entry and others did not. Installing an alarm or an immobiliser is essential these cars were never designed with high security features. 

    Our Nissan Pulsar Locksmith Expert can:

    • # Open Nissan Pulsar Locks  – Get your Nissan Pulsar car door open
    • # Cut Nissan Pulsar Car keys – Make a spare key for your Pulsar
    • # Remove jammed keys from a Nissan Pulsar Barrel
    • # Replace Nissan Pulsar Ignitions, Install and Repair the ignition.
    • # Lost your Nissan Car Key? Get Target Locksmiths to make you a new key.
    • # Open your Boot or hatch door – unlock the back end of the car
    • # Locks ceased and wont operate in a Nissan Pulsar N15 – we fix Nissan Pulsar Locks
    • # Break in to your Nissan Pulsar call 0439 516 536
    • # Forgot your keys in the Car of Your Nissan Pulsar

    One of our customers had this very annoying beeping sound – it was simple as her keys were left in the ignition and her car was alerting her they keys were in the ignition. Added to that she had a pioneer stereo installed and the car picked up that it was not genuine. After a bit or research we managed to eliminate all the noises in her car. No more beeping!

    A common fault with the N15 Pulsars is the passenger side door will not Lock  or unlock manually with a key. You need to lock and unlock the car from the drivers side door or with the button. Its been known that people have tried to lock door locks with screwdrivers. We don’t recommend it as it makes it easier for thieves to get in and destroys your lock.

    When you need help with your Locks call Target Locksmiths first. Don’t call a Nissan Dealer as it will cost you a lot of money. We are mobile Nissan Locksmiths so we will service you wherever you need help.

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