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    Toyota Hilux Locksmith is what you are looking for to help youwith your L series Hilux. Target Locksmiths specialise in the early model Toyota Hilux Truck Models. This page focuses on the Fourth Generation Of Australian Toyota Hilux cars for locking and key problems. N40 Series Toyota Hilux

    Toyota Hilux Locksmith NSW  year 1983, year 1984, year 1985,  year 1986,  year 1988, 4×4 & 2×2 Utes. Door Locks, Ignition faults, Car keys, Hilux Locksmiths Lowest Prices Lost keys. We are the most affordable Locksmith that understands the Hilux vehicles locks and keys as we have installed locks, changed ignitions, repaired igniotions, added central locking, set up central locking from drivers side door action, unlocked Toyota Hilux Locks Repaired snapped keys to mention a few.

    • LN65 Toyota Hilux 4×4 1984 2.4L Diesel single cab 2 door Toyota Hilux Locksmith
    • 1998 4Runner 5speed 4WD  Toyota Hilux 3.0L Hilux Surf
    • 1983 Single cab and Dual Cab Toyota Hilux 
    • 1985 Toyota Hilux 4 door 2.0L 4X4 Petrol
    • 1985 Single Cab Tray Back Ute 4×4 Diesel
    • 1986 Toyota Hilux 2.4L Turbo Diesel Ute LN65 Alloy Tray
    • 1987 Toyota Hilux 4 speed, 4 door dual cab Turbo Automatic
    • 1988 Toyota Hilux LN106R RS5  4×4
    • 1983 Toyota Hilux 22R  4×2
    • 1985 L Diesel Toyota Hilux YN58R 2 door utility
    • 1985 YN85R 4 Door Utility ute Toyota Hilux
    • 1986 2l Toyota Hilux 14 Diesel
    • 1987 Toyota Hilux 2L-T Diesel FL Turbo
    • 1987 Toyota Hilux 22R-E 
    • 1987 Toyota Hilux 22R-TE

    In these models of Toyota Hilux they came in 4 to 5 speed manual transminssion and 3 to 4 speed automatic transmission. Available in front engine drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive. From Regular Cab, to Extra Cab and Dual Cab.

    What we like to do with the Toyota Hilux cars:

    • Get your door unlocked – scratch free – dent free – mark free Toyota Hilux Locksmith Ute
    • pick open your Toyota Hilux
    • Replace your Toyota Hilux ignition 
    • Cut Toyota Hilux Key
    • Break into Toyota Hilux to get your keys
    • Make New Keys for your Toyota Hilux
    • Mobile Toyota Hilux Locksmith
    • Emergency Toyota Hilux Locksmith
    • No Keys  – we can make keys to suit your locks
    • Spare key – Non remote basic car key
    • Ignition switch
    • Central Locking installations
    • Glove Box Locks
    • Centre Console Locks
    • Canopy Locks Toyota Hilux
    • Genuine Toyota keys and after market Toyota Keys
    • Key wont turn in the ignition – Fix the ignition  

    Over the years what we have seen in the Toyota Hilux utes is that a lot of wear and tear is usually one of the common problems when keys dont work or ignition does not turn. Generally its not hard to fix a Hilux Lock or ignition you just need to have the correct tools, time and knowledge. Often Locks get Rusty or cease over time from either salt water or simply from not being used just sitting around. These days it ends up being cheaper to get a brand new lock or ignition rather than a second hand lock from the wreckers, becasue usually the wreckers sell worn and used locks with differnt keys. We can install a new lock and make the keys work identically to your other locks.


    Toyota Hilux Locksmith


    Toyota Hilux Locksmith

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