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    Toyota Hilux Locksmiths NSW is what we call ourselves. We are able to unlock Hilux car Doors in any of the following car years 1997 Hilux, 1998 Hilux, 1999 Hilux, 2000 Hilux, 2001 Hilux, 2002 Hilux, 2003 Hilux, 2004 Hilux, 2005 Hilux. This is known as the six Generation in the Toyota Hilux N60 series.

    If you have left your Hilux Keys inside your car or you have misplaced your Hilux Key its time you call Target Locksmiths to get your Hilux door opened and you back on the road.  Needa spare key cut for your Toyota Hi-Lux as long as you have the master it should be pretty staright forward to make a nother key.

    Here are some of the makes and Models of Toyota Hilux Cars we have seen here in N.S.W Australia.

    • 2001 Toyota Hilux RZN149R MY02  2.7Litre  Toyota Hilux Locksmith
    • 2002 VZN167R SR5 Toyota Hilux
    • 2002 Extended Cab Toyota Hilux VZN172R Automatic 4×4
    • Toyota Hilux 2002 Manual Turbo Diesel SR5
    • 2002 Toyota Hilux Twin Cab Auto 2.7 l
    • 2001 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Tray back long range
    • 2002 RZN169R SR5 Toyota Hilux Ute Petrol 
    • 2002 3 Litre Diesel Toyota Hilux 4WD 
    • Workmate Toyota Hilux  RZN 147R MYO2 Single Cab
    • LN106R 1997 Toyota Hilux  cab Chasis Manual 2.8L
    • 1997 Toyota Hilux LN167R Manual 3.0L Dual Cab diesel 4×4 utility
    • 1997 RN85 R Toyota Hilux Ute 2 doors and 3 seats single cab
    • RZN149R 1999 Toyota Hilux 2 door petrol rear wheel drive 2.7L Single cab
    • 1999 Petrol  Toyota Hilux RZN174R  2 Door 
    • 2004 RZN154R  Toyota Hilux 2.7l 4 Cylinder Ute Auto
    • 2004 Toyota Hilux Manual RZN154R  MYO2 
    • Toyota Hilux 2004 Minitruck RZN154R Ute Xtra Cab
    • 2003 VZN167R Toyota Hilux  UTE 3.4 L 4×4 Dual Cab
    • 2004 Toyota Hilux KZN165R SR5 MY02 Dual Range
    • 3.0L Diesel 2003 Toyota Hilux KZN165R MY02
    • 2005 Toyota Hilux GGN25R SR5 MY05 Petrol 6Cyl
    • 2003 Toyota Hilux VZN167R MY02 3.4L  Dual Cab Hilux 
    • 1998 Toyota Hilux LN167R  3 Litre Four wheel Drive Diesel
    • 2000 Toyota Hilux  RZN169R Toyota Hilux SR5 
    • 1998 RZN174R 2 door utility ute Toyota Hilux
    • 1998 RZN169R Toyota Hilux  SR5 2.7L Ute Dual Cab Ute
    • Toyota Hilux 4runner


    The things we do as Toyota Hilux Car Locksmiths: 2002 Toyota Hilux 4X4 Xtra Cab V6

    • Unlock Hilux Door
    • Pick Hilux Lock open
    • Duplicate keys – Cut a spare hilux Key
    • Onsite Hilux door opening
    • Toyota Hilux Lock Reapirs
    • Toyota Hilux ignition barrells
    • Remove jammed key from a Toyota Hilux
    • Fix a broken Key in a Toyota Hilus ignition
    • Open boot Lock of a Toyota Hilux
    • Open Canopy Lock of a Toyota Hilux
    • Spare Tyre Wheel nut Lock
    • Passenger Door Lock of a Toyota Hilux
    • Drivers side Door Lock of a Toyota Hilux
    • Glove Box Lock of a Toyota Hilux
    • Toyota Hilux Key housing
    • Toyota Hilux Key shells
    • Toyota Hilux Key – any model without a chip or transponder – some models with transponders

    If you ever find that your Toyota Hilux engine ignition wont turn off, it might be time to change the ignition switch ot the ignition barrel. Always make sure you dont have to much weight, too may keys on a key ring as overtime this can cause a problem with pulling down and wear and tear to the Hilux ignition.

    We can replace ignition barels foran LN85-130 RN85-110 and YN85-130 which is between August 1997 and July 1997 Toyota Hilux Models. We can install an Ignition repair kit or an Ignition Barell to these cars. Before heading off to a Toyota Dealer or a Toyota Car dealership to get you Hilux Lock fixed call us for a quote. We will save you money to cut your Hilux Key and unlock your door.

    Remember when calling us to provide the exact make and model of your car. The more information you can provide us the better so we can find exact matching parts for you Toyota Hilux. Things we need to know are the year, the model,  and the type of Toyota Hilux you have. We Love Hiluxes infact we own  Toyota Hilux ourselves and over the years have change models of Hilux’s , we know them well.

    Target Locksmiths Toyota Hilux Locksmiths

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