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    Toyota Hilux N20 Locksmiths dont see many of the N20 series Toyota Hilux cars on the road these days. But rest assured there still are some hidden treasures out is western sydney that we have had the please to work on and most importantly to our like is view the wonderful cars. These series of Hilux’s brought out the RN22, RN25 and RN20. These models came out in a 1.6L , 2.0L and 2.2L engine. Target Locksmiths Toyota Hilux Car Locksmiths and Automotive Locksmiths.

    • 1973 Pick up Truck Toyota Hilux RN20 Toyota Hilux N20 Locksmith
    • 1974 Toyota Hilux Pick Up Truck Ute
    • 1975 Toyota Hilux pick up Truck
    • 1977 RN25 Toyota Hilux
    • 1976 Toyota Hilux Utility Tray Back
    • 1978 Toyota Hilux 2 door 2×4 single cab

    Its strange to find that we are finding these hidden gems either racing as Rally Cars or stored away as a piece of History. Hence they say if you dont use it you might loose it. That often applys to moving parts in locks. Locks will cease and start to erode over time especially if you live near salt water. Genuine second hand parts and lock are hard to come by these days. The 1978 ocks and ignitions can still be found brand new and some hidden places around Australia carry some of the older style ignitions and car door locks

    If you spot an N20 Toyota Hilux on the road its bound to be either a collectors item, a rally car or a total rust bucket. Either way there will be someone out there that we want that car as they are so hard to come by these days. As many of these keys are now deleted and no longer in production, we make keys to suit a lock if we cant find a key that will suit your ignition, we will try to find a solution to ensure you have a key to keep you on the road.

    If pasrts are available we can do a master rebuild kit on a Toyota Hilux Ignition N20. So when you need your ignition replaced opr rebuilt talk to Target Locksmiths First. Need a Toyota Hilux key cut that does not have a transponder, does not have a chip just a plain metal key. We can cut keys on the spot.

    Toyota Hilux N20 Locksmiths

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