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    Industrial Locksmiths is a specialized area Target Locksmiths focus with. Suburbs of Western Sydneys Industrial Locksmiths  are featured throughout the Industrial hubs and areas of the west side of Sydney. We understand that your business is your future so you want the best security and privacy you can possibly get. The last thing you need is to be interupted with security problems that could have been prevented.

    Proving Industrial security services throughout the Industrial areas. At Target Locksmiths Industrial Locksmiths we have designed and developed a maintenance program to assist organisations over a long period of time. This program is a preventive Maintenance Locksmith Program. The system is designed to create and prevent Lock Faults and Failures as much as possible. The positives of this program is you receive minimal or no down time – your business does not suffer when the security system is in full swing with a maintenance design. Without a proper managed Maintenace plan it can result in damage of Locks or items , loss of production time, danger with employers, employees and customers, stock loss and shortage, break and enters, vandalism,lock failures, loss of customers and can create an OHS hazard in the work place. Our mapped out program is designed to check, test and find weak spots with a secuirity system plan. 

    We often find that its general employees, ex workers, suppliers and hoons with nothing better to do tend to damage industrial Locks by filling them with Glue,  Shoving sticks – metal – food into locks, bashing locks to break them off, swinging off locks to weaken the strength of locks, spray paint locks, pull locks apart by unscrewing them, tamper with coded Locks, disengage emergency Safety Locks  to name a few.

    The Lock Industrial Security Products on Offer are:

    • Restricted Master Key Systems
    • Designed and Developed 6 month or Annual Preventive Maintenance Program
    • Evictions – Evict companies from a site by court order with a Sherrif
    • Door Closer Installs and Repairs  (Maintenance and adjustment services available)
    • Digital Locks – Push Button and touch screen Locks
    • Padlocks – Circuit Board switch power Breaker Locks – Coloured warning Padlocks – Laminated steel – Cable Padlocks – Round Body Padlocks
    • Access Control – with individual access swipe cards – fobs – keys 
    • Security Cameras and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)  – Viewable from your Iphone – Lap top – computer  From Home, office, work, overseas anywhere.
    • Industrial Door Locks
    • Safe Lock – Repairs and upgrades
    • Grab Rail Installations
    • 24 hour emergency Industrial Locksmith service
    • Toilet Door Spring Hinges, Indicator Bolts, out of order style Locks
    • Poker Machine Style Locks – Metal Cabinet Locks – Cam Locks – Filing Cabinet Locks – Desk and Draw Locks
    • Push Handles and Pull Handles – commercial Kick Plates – Blocker Plates 
    • Padbolts – Lock Bolts – Barrel Bolts
    • Lever Handle Sets with Keys – Lever Furniture – Round Knob door sets with keys
    • Key Cabinets – Safe Locks up Key Boxes
    • Hasp and Staple for storage Rooms and Lock away areas
    • Safety Steel Chains
    • Emergency Lock outs – Lock people out – change access passwords – change Lock combinations 
    • Locked out – Gain access and entry to a Locked property
    • Emergency Fire Box Safe
    • Gate Locks – security Gate entry and Lock outs
    • Deed Box for Documents incase of a fire
    • Key Guard – when your out and about or need to leave a key for someone have it guarded with a key guard.
    • Taplock – Stop neighbours or people from using or turning taps on and off
    • Emergency Stop Locks
    • Intercoms – Video and Voice intercoms
    • Meter Locks for Power Boxes – fire department – water board and service industries
    • Drug Lock away boxes – Medical Safes – Medical Safes


    Some of our coverage as Industrial Locksmiths are:

    Food Manufacturers
    Unit Complexes
    Building Sites
    Construction Sites
    Mechanical Workshops
    Smash Repairs – Auto Body Repairs
    Scrap Yards – Recycling Yards
    Cafes and Corner Shops
    Manufacturing Plants
    Distribution Sites and warehouses
    Loading Docks and Dock Yards
    Airports – Car parks
    Hospitals – aged care
    Universities – Tafes
    Hotels – Motels and Resorts
    Councils – City Councils
    Retail shops and shopping centres
    Government Departments
    Handyman – contract work
    Pubs and Clubs
    Real estate and Strata management – Body Corporate
    Project Managers – Project management sites and site Operation General Managers
    Shipping Yards- Shipping Containers
    Industrial Zones
    Industrial Complexes
    Auction sites

    The main restricted Key system we use and supply is the KABA security Key system. Kaba have a range of solutions and focus in the commerial and Industrial Locksmithing equipment and hardware supplies. Our system is provided with back up security and piece of mind. Ever wondered if you set up a security key system and a business shuts down what to do? No  need to worry our Kaba system is protected by Kaba – so if we decide to sell or you are not happy with our service (we know you will be) Kaba can advise you or another locksmith that will be able to assit you.  The Kaba systems is protected with signatures (registeed Signatories) and authorised users. So if you are not an Authorised user we cannot cut keys to your system. This keeps the master key system secure and you know who has a key and exactly how many keys there are floating around.

    If you currently have Keys or Locks with Kaba written on them and you need some spares, contact us. We will provide you with the correct information of who to contact and who can cut keys. There are a number of ways a security system can be designed and developed we like to tell people to start with a simple flow chart of people who have the highest authority down to the lowest. From this flow chart we can work with you to determine who has exactly what access to some areas and who needs to be blocked away from certain doors.

    We offer Free quotes for Industrial Locksmith applications. Our Quotes can be supplied in writing via mail, email, fax, messaging or handed to you like the good old fashioned service.

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