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    Ryobi Locksmiths – the Locksmiths choice in Door Closers. Target Locksmiths seclect Ryobi as one of the finest and long lasting Door Closer Products range in the Locks department. Selecting the Right Door Closer for your door can be hard, leave it to us to figure out your best solution for your door. Having a door closer will assist in the way the door closes, no more slamming doors, jamming fingers, wind closing doors, kids getting injured, broken fingers, elderly getting pushed by doors, safety is our priority.

    Here is some of the Ryobi Range of Door and Furniture Hardware Closers:

    Ryobi 2550 Door Closer Fire Rated Commercial Door Closer, 4 strengths that are adjustable to choose with, adjustable backset feature, For both standard and parallel arm fixings, for solid or hollow doors, adjustable closing and latching speeds, adjustable backcheck feature, low opening resistance great for the elderly, in silver or stainless steel arm and cover plate

    • Door Closer 2550 BC SILVER SPD 30-80 kilosRyobi Locksmiths
    • Door Closer 2550 BC AllUMINIUM SS 4 SPD 30-85 kilos

    Ryobi 3550 Door Closer Fire rated – Door weights of 50-150 kgs, Ideal for disabled enties and doors, adjustable closing and latching speeds, Available in Silver or Bronze, Adjustable from 2-6 strengths.

    Ryobi 4550 Series Heavy Duty Door Closer – Adjustable in 2-7 strengths, Can handle door weights from 45kg to 230 kg, Available in silver only

    Ryobi Sequence Selector – The selector arms allows double doors – rebated doors to close in the correct order, the leaf closes to allow the door to latch correctly every time, suitable for Commercial applications, 250mm in length, can be surfaced mounted or consealed fixed, compact and narrow design.

    Ryobi Transom Closer –  Consealed fixing above a door, cast iron housing, cycle tested to over 1 million operations, fully adjustable, options to have opening os 90 and 105 degrees, hold open and non hold open varieties.

    Ryobi 7000 Series Door Closer Fire Rated Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer, Non handed, For inward opening doors, Available in the colours of silver and bronze

    • 7002 series 45kg
    • 7003 series 65kg
    • 7004 series 85 kg
    • 7005 series 120 kg

    Ryobi 2100 Series Door Closer Fire Rated –  Adjustable from size 2 to 4 door closer, For doors 50 kgs to 85 kgs, For both timber doors and Alluminium Doors,, non handed and reversable for all situations, Colour choice of silver or bronze.

    Ryobi Doorman Series Door Closer – Designed for Residential usage – common household harware furniture – found in hardware stores as a basic model, avaiable in ivory, brown and white, Hold door open feature

    • Old Style 101P ( HDC12SA) Internal doors – toilet door, bethrrom door, bedroom door, laundry door
    • Old Style 102A (HDC11P) External doors – Front Door, Back Door, Laundry Door, Garage Door, security screen doors

    Ryobi HDC Retail Fire Rated Door Closers – Commercial Fire Rated Closer for Doors, adjustable closing and latching speeds, for inward opening doors

    • 882 solid core doors up to 45 kg (silver, brown and White)
    • 883 glass doors up yo 60 kg in weight (silver)

    Ryobi 8800 Series Door Closer –  Budget well priced, economical door closer, adjustable closing and latching speeds, backcheck is standard, inward opening doors in silver only.

    • 8802 for doors up to 45kg in weight
    • 8803 for doors up to 60 kg in weight
    • 8804 for doors up to 80 kg in weight

    Ryobi 60 Series Door Closer Hold Open – Not Fire Rated, Built in hold door open feature, closing and latching speeds, cast alluminium housing, Available in Silver and Bronze.

    • 161 series – hollow core doors 30 kg in weight
    • 162 series – solid core doors 45 kg in weight
    • 163 series – glass panel doors 60 kg in weight
    • 164 series – heavy metal clad doors 75 kg in weight

    Ryobi 1500 Series Door Closer Fire Rated – Fixing bracket which almost covers all fitting options, Colour choices of silver or polished brass, can be used as a hold open feature but not for fire rated purposes, Non handed and reversible, Value for money.

    • D1502 door weights of 45 kg
    • D1503 door weights of 65 kg
    • D1504 door weights of 80 kg

    Ryobi 60 Series Door Closer –  Stylish and Affordable, abaiable in two different arms for inward and outward opening doors, Silver or bronze colour shades, Rack and pinion mechanism, Can be adjusted in the closing and latching speeds, Non handed and reversable.

    • 61 series – hollow doors – 30kg
    • 62 series – solid doors – 45 kg
    • 63 series – glass doors – 60 kg
    • 64 series – heavy metal cladded doors – 75 kg

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