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    Local Locksmiths (NSW) can sometimes be hard to find. Thats why all we try to do is look after the Locals when they want a Local Locksmith. Our service area only covers the Local suburbs of Western Sydney and surrounding areas. Local Emergency Locksmiths – that our priority. When you have an urgent Locksmith problem you want a Locksmith that is fast so only naturally your a searching for a Local Locksmith who can be the quickest to get your situation sorted.

    Whe we say we service ALL SUBURBS – We mean we cater for all Local areas and suburbs out west of Sydney. For the people that know who we are they are familiar with us and our vehicles because we are always in and out of the locality of the neighbour hood streets. Open for business 24/7 to assist our community and keep sydney a safe place.  Its always a piece of mind when you know you are talking to one of the Locals and even better someone that knows the area and sometimes the neighbours. 

    I think being a Local Locksmith is important as I deliever my own personal skills to each customer. I do all the work myself. I leave an honest impression to all my customers as I want people to know me as Jason from Target Locksmiths.  Bonding with customers and connecting with them is something that makes me feel good. Especially after I have completed the job , when the customer is happy they will recommend me to others – and I stand by that recommendation as I always will be providing the service and Excellent quality of work to all the neighbours.

    It does not matter if you live on a street, road, close, parade, culdersack, highway, Place, way, boulevard, Lane, Court, Pavement, Drive, Terrace, dead end, row, Avenue or track. Our service is Local and we drive in and out of suburbs to find your place to help you.

    Who are we? We are a family Owned Local Locksmith Business. Our aim is not to be the biggest Locksmith – but to be the best Locksmith in the Local western Sydney areas. Target Locksmiths offer you a free quote – your are not obligated to use our services at all but we just want to show you who we are and provide a Local service to everyone.


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