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    Unlocking a door is usually done by a Locksmith. Get a door unlocked using picking tools to unlock the locked door. Locked out and need a lockout locksmith to get in fast.

    We can open all locks thats right we can open any lock. Our skills enable us to gain entry to a door or lock and open the door. We use our rake Locksmithing skills all the way until the lock unlocks. There are many ways to open a lock, from using a hand held pick gun , to using an electronic pick gun to using simple hand tools to gain entry to the door.


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    Being locked out of any door makes you feel stressed and in search of how do i unlock my door? And how fast can i find a locksmith? We all have locks – these are used to protect us and keep our family and possessions safe and all locked up. You never know when you find ourself locked out. It usally happens when you are in a rush or you have so many things on your mind – you simply close the door and realise – Crap Im locked out! Its that moment when you least expect it – it happens.

    We are the professional Locksmiths of Blacktown and surrounding suburbs. We cover all of Western Sydney and NSW as a service to answer and respond to our customers urgent calls and request. In an emergency situation we act fast to help you when you need a locksmith ASAP.

    When you call us we will give you a quote over the phone. What we quote is what we charge, there are no hidden extras to worry about. We dont add extra charges for labour or per hour. We are a Fixed Price Locksmith. You save money if your on a budget and looking for a cheap locksmith

    Question: How much does it cost to unlock a door?

    Answer: To unlock a standard door prices start for $90.00 AUD

    Question: How much for locksmith to unlock my car?

    Answer: To open your car and unlock the car the cost will be from $90.00 AUD

    Question: I have 2 locks on my door – does this cost more to open 2 locks on the same door?

    Answer: With Target Locksmiths it is one flat fee to open your door – it does not matter is there is one, two or three locks we will get it for the same price.

    Question: My lock has a double barrel, does it cost more that a single barrel to open?

    Answer: We charge the same price for single and double barrels to unlock.

    Question: Its 9 PM and I locked myself out of my bedroom is it cheaper for a locksmith in the morning?

    Answer: Yes between 8:30 AM and 5:00 Pm Price starts at $90.00 after hours using our 24 hour service does get expensive.

    Question: How long will it take a locksmith?

    Answer: It ususally takes us anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes to arrive at your door. Then only a few seconds to unlock your door – we are professional and quick

    How much do locksmiths cost?

    Our prices start from $90.00. This is to unlock your door. Most common homes have standard locks which can easily be unlocked with the correct tools and skills. In some cases we come across some more unsually master key systems such as Kaba, Bilock, Evva to name a few. Some of these have anti picking systems and even anti drilling systems. We can still access these locks and get you out of trouble. 

    After hours we do charge a little more for our 24 hour service. We are mobile and offer a competitive price. We offer a 24/7 service and best of all if we cant get to you fast enough we will recommend  another local Locksmith as we dont believe in making you wait, when you need a fast locksmith as soon as possible. Beling locked out of your home comes with a bit of panic and also a scramble to find some money. We accept Eftpos, Credit Cards including visa cards and master cards and cash.

    What locks can be unlocked?                                  

    • Back Door lock opening
    • Unlocking my screen Door
    • Garage door unlock
    • Unlock my Bedroom Door
    • Unlock my Laundry Door
    • Unlock my Window Locks
    • Garage door unlock
    • Car door unlock
    • unlock my bath room lock
    • unlock my bed room lock
    • Unlock a toilet door
    • unlock a letterbox
    • unlock a mail box lock
    • Office door unlock
    • factory door unlock
    • apartment door unlock
    • unit door unlock
    • unlock my flat door locks
    • sliding door unlocked
    • unlock my gate lock
    • unlock my Trunk / boot 
    • Unlock the front door
    • Open Fuel Cap 
    • Unlock lockers
    • Unlock Padlocks

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