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  • Holiday Season Locksmith Callouts in Blacktown

  • There’s been a lot of press lately about the family who had all of their Christmas presents stolen and I’m sorry to say that though only one family made the newspapers we had five callouts in Blacktown between Christmas and New Year this year with similar circumstances

    The holiday season is very much not the holiday season for burglars. A couple of reasons for this:-
    1. Burglars understand that during this time of the year there are often many house is left unattended as families gather at one house for a Christmas celebration… Or house is left vacant for weeks at a time whilst families go on holidays.

    2. It takes a fair bit of courage to break into a house but  there’s one thing that gives people such courage. Drugs. Those strung out drugs at some point are in need of a fix and holiday season marks the peak in drug usage for the year.

    Some break-ins that with attended after the fact to be secure or the home in Blacktown this season have included:-
    1. A break-in on Christmas Day where the family had gone to visit elderly relatives in their homes for Christmas lunch. The thieves took all manner of expensive electronic presence including a new Xbox and an iPad. It was not a very sophisticated break-in – just your garden variety ring the front door bell to make sure no one’s home and go round and kick the back door in. They were likely in and out in only a couple of minutes.

    2. Several break-ins via open windows during the evening whilst the residents were at home. There is nothing more frightening to realise someone has entered your home unchallenged whilst you’re at your most vulnerable.

    3. We even had a roof break-in. A fairly well secured house that because of its security offered promises of riches within was accessed through the roof. The burglars broke some roof tiles and after gaining entry made off with over $25,000 worth of home entertainment equipment.

    As a result of these break-ins we have recommended installation of:-
    1. Motion activated lights.
    2. Security screens on Windows rather than just gauze.
    3. Far better deadlocking so that once a thief gains entry they can’t easily carry out large items.
    4. An alarm system -one that will go off inside the house and draw attention to the burglary. The burglars who took the sound equipment likely took an hour or so emptying all the equipment. Had an alarm being going off they would have fled within minutes.

    Thankfully  though the vast majority of  callouts between Christmas and New Year in Blacktown have been through emergency lockouts with lost keys being the major culprit.
    So enjoying yourself over the holiday period and take care of your keys because it’s a nice way to end a big night out setting on your front porch unable to get in!