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  • Keys lost down bra? Doonside Emergency Locksmith to the rescue

  • Over the holiday season we’ve attended quite a few emergency lockouts in the Blacktown region… but one of the funniest ones we got recently was at Doonside. It’s the party season and many people are out to play.  It’s also hot, so many people going out to play at night don’t have a lot of pockets in their skimping clothing to  store their keys.

    A favourite key stashing place is in between the back cover of a mobile phone case.  A single key placed in the back of the mobile phone, mobile phone then stashed in…. a bra? A pocket?  Anywhere that is reasonably secure.  A mobile phone cases is a far better place to stash a key than a wallet.  Why?  If you lose your wallet it usually has your drivers license or id in it… if you lose your phone with your key in it?  Then you are usually fine…. unless of course you are also stashing your driver’s license in your phone as well….

    We got a call out to Doonside, a young lass rather worse for wear after a big night out had lost her keys.  She was dressed to impress, having coming from  21st birthday party where the theme was “come as a circus performer”  She was dressed in a magicians assistant outfit that left little to the imagination, and provided few places to stash a key.

    Apparently she’d had a pretty rough time of it.  She’d been knocked back at the nightclub she went too as she’d lost her drivers licence somewhere along the way.  Just couldn’t find it.  Luckily, she was a spitting image of one of her friends and with all her makeup on… she managed to get in using her friends ID that someone else smuggled outside for her.

    Then, after a big night she had arrived home, Sunday morning in Suburbia, she’s all dressed up like a magicians assistant – not really the sort of attire you want to be wearing sitting on your front porch as the neighbors walk past on the early morning doggy walk strolls… and the key just can not be found.  House is locked up tight, no option but to call Target Locksmiths.

    We got her back inside and all was well… other than that she had no spare key and her flatmate was away for a few weeks so getting  a spare to copy might be a problem. We left her too it to see if she could locate a spare for us to copy.  We got a phone call a few hours later letting us know she had found both her key AND her drivers licence.  She was used to stuffing them in the back of her phone, but as it turns out the magicians assistant costume came with a bra with all sorts of pockets built into it, and she had stuffed both in when she was getting dressed… but then later on after the champers had been flowing freely for some hours and she went into automatic “where’s my keys and licence mode” she had forgotten about the secret bra pockets.

    So all well that ends well.

    For those of you who are looking for a safe place for id and a spare key that don’t want to use your phone case…. consider sewing a small piece of material with some Velcro to close it into a bra.  It can also be used to stash some cash safely and removes the problems of stolen bags, keys and wallets.  It need not be bulky either and you’ll barely notice it.

    Certainly our new client didn’t!