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  • Life Traffic GPS – navigating to Western Sydney Lockouts

  • During much of the day, getting our vans in and around Sydney West is not too much of a drama.  Sure there is a big surge of traffic heading towards the city and train stations in the morning, and then coming back in the afternoon… but the rest of the time, we can normally zoom from suburb to suburb pretty fast. 

    Even if we get an emergency call from one end of our coverage area, say, Castle Hill to attend right at the other side at say, Penrith… as the crow flies it’s only a 30 minutes’ drive.  And let me tell you… when we are flitting around our local area… we overtake a lot of crows!

    The problems start however, if there is a smash or some kind of holdup on the motorway.  It’s something you really want to know before you get on it, because otherwise you might be stuck in traffic for a long time before you can get off.  Whilst it’s impossible to always avoid such problems… it’s something at Target Locksmiths that we are really aware of.  So what do we do?

    1. a.       Use our local knowledge.

    All our team are locals, we know the roads, we know the back routes, we know which roads are often blocked at particular times of the day.  This local knowledge is priceless and makes the difference in many cases between arriving at a job within 20 minutes or 45.

    1. b.      We use a GPS that gives accurate time estimate to get from A to B

    How did Locksmiths ever function before these little beauts were invented?  All our guys have top end GPS systems in their vans and these are worth every cent.  Look, a budget GPS will usually get you there… but for us it makes sense to use systems where we have the best chance of getting the most update information on traffic delays, accidents, and accurate estimated route times to go from Place A in Western Sydney to Place B.

    The cheaper GPS systems will estimate how long it will take to get from place A to B based on the distance, and maximum speed limits for the roads.  Our systems also take into consideration data from other vehicles travelling on the network – their travel times are logged and used to give us a super accurate estimate for our travel times.  This information is super critical for us.

    Of course, no system is failsafe… and sometimes the traffic is so bad that every route is blocked.  In such cases…. We do apologise if it takes us a bit longer to reach you. It’s not because your lockout is not important enough to us to warrant us putting our foot down and getting to you ASAP… it’s just sometimes the traffic conspires against us.

    We will always provide a truthful estimate of the time it’s going to take us to get a van to you… and usually we will estimate on the side of caution so as not to give you false hope…. But we will do our best to beat any estimated arrival time.  Those times where it just isn’t possible?  Understand we are sorry, we did all we could to get there as fast as possible.