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  • Locked out in Castle Hill – the heat is on

  • We had a funny call out to a lock out in Castle Hill this week. Our new client rang fairly early on a Friday morning, frantic that we arrive at her house as soon as possible.  Her story went something like this.  She was waiting on an important letter, and when the postie arrived, she quickly popped out to get it. So when you are going to check the mail you take your

    Phone?  Check.

    Dog?  Check… in fact, she took her champion Cocker spaniel who was on heat.

    Keys?  Ah.  No.

    So here she is, standing out the front of her house, unable to get in, with her beautiful champion dog on heat… with multiple boy dogs from the neighborhood now very much aware that something smelled GOOD down the street and were coming to investigate.

    I arrived within 20 minutes and as I pulled up my new client rushed to the van and asked if she could put her dog in whilst I unlocked her house. No problem I said – I’m a dog man and know how important these things are.

    The front door was a doozy auto locking, 3 lock points, not the sort of door you want to be accidentally locked out from. Pretty nice house, with super security which is a great idea… just not such a great idea to go outside without keys.

    Anyway, 3 minutes later and we are inside and my new client has provided evidence its her home.  The next challenge was getting her princess inside past the 6 dogs that were now surrounding my van.  I suggested driving into the garage as it was attached to the house.  This worked a treat, and we soon had the champion pooch back inside, her virtue intact.

    I left shortly after, seeing the forlorn bog dogs keeping a fruitless vigil on the front lawn.

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