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    Carbine is a leading Brand name for Locksmiths and is now found among Commercial and Residential applications. Carbine is a Brand of Locks and Locking devices.

    We have created this page to assit you as a customer for all your Carbine Locks needs. We can install any Carbine Lock with confidence and also knowing that you will have a quality product installed. Our confidence with the Carbine range  is fantastic and is also more affordable then other high end locks.

    Carbine is now a high quality brand trusted by Locksmiths like ourselves and is becoming the house hold preferred lock with excellence. Crabine is Tested to the Worlds standards – Qulity manufacturer you can Trust.

    Here is a range of Locks Made by Carbine that we can supply and Install:

    • Carbine Deadbolts – double cylinder deadbolts – single cylinder deadbolt
    • Carbine Cylinders – Tumblers – precision cylinders – anti bump holes – complete cylinders – 6 pin and 5 pin housing
    • Carbine Digital Lock setsElectronic Digital Lock CDL-SL8SS – keyless entry – keyless override with C4 keyway – code entry from outside – low battery warning light 
    • Carbine Gate Guard and Gate Locks – security gurad box for gates – helps to install deadlocks and deadlatches on your gate
    • Carbine Leversets – Kingston Privacy Sets – Kingston Passage Sets – Kingston Entrance Sets – Dummy sets
    • Carbine Padlocks – Brass padlocks all applications
    • Carbine Garage T Handles – interchangable barrels – T & L shape handles – clutching handle – front and rear fit – retro fit – ket retain feature – Handle snap off feature – 
    • Carbine Trailor Locks – Heavy Duty – Trailers, vans, caravans – dificukt to cut through with bolt cutters – rust resistant 
    • Carbine Cabinet Locks – CL1200 coded lock for cupboards, cabinets and lockers – cost effective – can retro fit to a cam lock – no keys – can fit on mail boxes
    • Carbine Hardware
    • Carbine Knob sets and Entrance sets – Quality locks by a trusted brand name. Tiebolt lock sets – 5 pin keys – Stainless Steel, Polished Brass, Antique Bronze, Chrome Plate – low profile round knob
    • Carbine Showcase Lock – standard 530 cylinder – 3 modes of operation – stainless steel locking pin – satin chrome and black powder coat
    • Carbine cupboard Locks – drawer locks – double throw lock – twin bolt lock
    • Carbine Door Saver Plates – strengthens the timber around the lock and hides holes in the door.
    • Carbine Butt Hinges (Spring)
    • Carbine Window Locks – CBS barrel system – push lock – bolt lock – – multi bolt lock – Aluminium window lock – mini push lock
    • Carbine Orb Bolt – commercial lock to lock up shop doors – bolt can be locked in open position – allows for restricted keying and is re- key able 
    • Carbine Patio Bolts – accets resticted systems – changeable function – zinc plated screws to resist stripping – keyable – suits aluminium and timber sliding and hinged doors. Black, Chrome, Brown, Doeskin, Brass, Primrose, Silver and White
    • Carbine Cam Locks – C4 keyway wafer barrel – for lockers, cabinets, cash boxes, mail boxes and letterboxes – key alike to your front door key – chrome plate finish
    • Carbine High Security Chain – T series chains -hardened alloy steel chains – high resitant to cutting – durable – electoplated finish  – supplied with a life long cloth – in 11 or 13mm diameter thick

    Now that you have found the lock that you want – choose the right Carbine Locksmith to install your quality Carbine products


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