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    We supply and carry all Doric Branded Locks. As a specialist with Doric Locks we are able to order in any specific Doric Lock or part that may be required. We install all Doric Locks and Repair Doric Locks.

    Doric Locks are able to be designed in a Key alike system where two or more locks can be operated by the one key (you can have as many locks as you like all operated by the one key and Individual Key system where each lock is opereated byits own key.

    Doric is the largest Window and Door Lock Manufactuer and Fabricator in Australia. You know when you are buying a product made in Australia it is good quality and deigned to last and suit Australian conditions.

    Doric Hardware Locks have a standard Powdercoated colours chart which includes – Anotec Dark Grey, Satin Black, Primrose, Pottery, Silver, Magnolia, Dune, Anodic Off Wite, Birch White, Hammersley Brown, Matt Stone Beige, Peral White, Doeskin, Mahogany Bronze, Anodic Nat Matt and Paperbark.

    Some of Doric’s Locks and Hardware furniture range include:

    Rollers – Door Rollers, Flysecreen & Security Door Rollers, Showerscreen and wardrobe Rollers, Roller Accessories.

    Doors Locks and Latches – Sliding Patio Door Locks, Single Point Lock, Two Point Locks, Sliding Patio Door Keepers, Slidiong Patio External Door Pulls, Sliding Patio door Cylinders and keys.

    Mortice Door Locks – Single and multi point mortice locks, flush door bolts, door bolts, shopfront locks 316 stainless steel, commercial locks, commercial lock furniture, flush pulls, Entrance handles.

    Security Door Locks – security Hinge door locks, security sliding door locks, flysecreen latches.

    Security Door Panels – cast panels.

    Window Locks and Latches – sliding window locks nad latches, awning and casement window locks, double hung window locks.

    Door Closers – Security Door Closer, Hydraulic door closer, Transom Door closers.

    Hinges – Security door Hinges, Stainless steel hinges, Aluminium Hinges, Lift off Hinges, Heavy Duty Hinges.

    Spring Balance – Aluminium Spring balance range, Timber spring balance range, NSW P.W.D Spring balance range.

    Stays and Woven Pile – Woven pile, friction stays.

    Have a look at your lock again and look for the word Doric. If you see Doric written anywhere on the lock, handle, tounge, strike plate, key, frame, cylinder, latch, backset, or metal then you know we can help you. Working with common well known suppliers give you peace of mind of quality and life of your lock.

    Doric Hardware and Furniture Locks Supplied and Installed.

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