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    Locks that are fire rated usually have a compliance standard that they have met, which enables the locks to be approved as a Lock with a fire rating. Commercial premises are required to have emergency fire rated locks to protect there employees in the event of a fire emergency. Residential homes such as units, apartments, flats and strata require Locks that have been approved and stand by a true fire rating level.

    Fire Rated Locks Locksmiths services: Apartment Locksmiths Fire Rated Locks

    • Supply and install deadlatches to unit, apartment and flat doors 
    • Supply and install a peep home to the main entrance door of an apartment, unit or flat wooden door
    • Install locks to comply with Council fire regulations on exit doors and emergency exit doors.
    • install fire rated locks that meet the requirements and legislations of the Current Australian Building codes.
    • Replace Locks on a fire door

    Fire Door Locks that we supply and install:

    • 001 Lockwood deadlatch 
    • 002 Lockwood deadlatch
    • whitco deadlatch
    • Door Viewer
    • Ryobi and Lockwood Door Closers
    • Fire rated Kaba Locks
    • key and liver rivers self latching lock – commercial doors
    • Four point self latching lock rivers – commercial application Locked out of Apartment
    • Electromagnetic Lockwood Locks Assa Abloy

    When we fit a new lock to your unit door we take our time and ensure that all rules and regualtions relating to a fire compliance are met. If you are not careful when installing a new lock you can damage the door or make a mess of the door which could result in a brand new door (remember replacing the door with a fir compliant door which is more expensive than a normal door as it has a fire rating – burn rating of several hours.

    Fire rated Locks

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