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    Front door Locks Sydney (NSW) just about every home has a Front door Lock. Some front doors have one lock, some have two locks and others have three locks or more. There is no rule as to how many locks you should have on your front door. The most important thing with your locks are to make sure that they are fitted and installed properly on your front door. To install a Lock on your front door takes time, understanding and skills to ensure the lock is correctly installed so thieves cannot break in easily.

    We are Front Door Locks specialist. We work on all front doors, to repair, replace, fit or change a lock to a front door.

    • Install a new Front Door Lock
    • Repair or Replace Front Door Lock
    • Add another Lock to the Front Door
    • Change the colour of the Front Door Lock
    • Change the Lock 
    • Rekey Locks on a Front door so all locks work off one key.
    • Remove any jammed key or broken key from the front door Lock
    • Cut extra keys for the front door
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    • 24 hour Front Door Locksmiths
    • Mobile Front Door Locksmiths

    Here are some of the common Front door Locks we have seen  in homes, houses, unit complexes, apartment blocks, Flats, villas, town houses, granny flats, studios and cottages:

    Front Door Dead Bolt Lock

    Front Door Dead Bolt Lock is an extra lock that is often added for extra security. You can add a second lock like a dead bolt to your front door to secure your home that little extra. A dead bolt is key operated to open and close the lock- buy turning the key the bolt will lock and unlock. Usually found in a number of colours like silver, satin chrome, polished brass and  shiny silver. Some brands may include Lockwood, Kaba, Brava, Vinco, Lane,  and more.

    Front Door Dead Latch Lock

    A deadlatch is often found on front door locks. Apartment and unit doors will always require a Fire rated dead latch by law. The choices we provide are a Whitco DeadLatch and a Lockwood DeadLatch which both have a fire rating approved to Australian Standards. We would say this is one of the most common locks installed on front doors these days for that added security we are all looking for.

    Security Screen Dront Door Lock

    Usually the Screen door Lock is the first front door lock you will open and enter through if you have more than one door on your front door entry. There are many brands and types of Security Screen door locks on the markets today to suit different style doors.

    Entrance set Front Door Lock

    An entrance set is generally a round door handle set that is fitted to your front door lock. Usually the handle piece that you pull or push when opeing or closing the door.

    Door Knob Front Door Lock

    Most homes have a standard door knob they turn and insert a key in the hole to turn the key and allow the lock to open. Some of these locks have a push button on the inside and some have a turning piece.

    Lever Handle Front Door Lock

    A more specialised lock and found on fancy Front doors . There are 100’s of handles to choose from to suit different doors styles and patterns. Lever handle Front door Locks can be installed on standard doors and double doors. There are many lock colours to pick from such as silver, satin chrome, Gold, Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Brass to name a dew.

    Tri Lock Front Door Lock

    Gainsbourough make the most common tri Locks for front door, we have seen today in sydney. A tri Lock bolts in 3 places and is often installed by builders and Locksmiths. A decorative Lock that adds character and stle to any front door.

    Locks on Front doors can be found anywhere on the door. Most home have the Lock situated on the right hand or right hand side of the door. But we have seen Locks in the middle of the door, typically on older style homes. These doors require a different style Lock not just your standard lock you buy from the local hardware shop like bunnings, mitre 10 or masters. We provide the best prices to supply and install your lock. Its cheaper for us to supply and install a lock, rather than your purchasing a Lock from the hardware store. If you already have the Lock we can easily install the Lock for you on your door.

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