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    Gainsborough Locksmiths – Supply & fit Gainsborough Lock , Tri Locks, Lever set, Knob set, Entry set, Mortice Lock, Pull Handle @ LOWEST PRICES FREE QUOTES.  We are able to install Gainsborough Locks, Repair Gainsborough Locks and Replace Gainsborough Locks. We are Gainsborough Locksmiths specialist. Do you need a Gainsborough Locksmith to install a Lock for you? Having trouble following instructions in a packet? Need a new lock, Lock not closing properly. We can help you.

    Gainsborough Locksmith Services:

    • Replace Gainsborough Locks gainsborough Locksmiths
    • Install Handles
    • Fix Locks and Door Handles
    • Repair sloppy door handles
    • Replace 3 point locking security door locks
    • Brand New Fit out Lock installations
    • Unlock Gainsborough doors – when you are locked out
    • Pick open Gainsborough Locks
    • Key stuck  in a Gainsborough Lock – we remove a key from a Lock
    • Key wont turn  or turns round and round in a lock
    • Replace rusty Gainsborough Locks or faded Locks
    • Repair pins in Gainsborough locks

    Gainsborough TriLock Series – Contemporary G2 Series, Precise Leverset, Angular Leverset, Align Leverset. Traditional G2 Series, Knobset, Leverset.

    Gainsborough Knob Lockset – Stronghold 800 series Knob Locksets, Governor Knobset, Premier Knob set, Combination Governor knobset. Contractor 500 series knob set, Villa Knob set, Terrace knob set, Villa Combination set, Terrace combination set.

    Gainsborough Lever Lockset Majestic 800 stronghold series – Contractor 500 series Lever Lockset Ambassador, Trevi

    Gainsborough Cylinder deadbolts G2 Series – 1951SM Smooth Double Cylinder Deadbolt, 1946SM Smooth Single Cylinder Deadbolt, 1851SM Square Double Cylinder Deadbolt, 1846SM Square single cylinder deadbolt, 1951ST Stepped Double Cylinder Deadbolt, 1946ST Stepped Single Cylinder Deadbolt. G3 Series Strong Hold 800- Double Cylinder 850, Single Cylinder 845. G4 Series Contractor 550 Double Cylinder, 545 single Cylinder PSS Deadbolt.

    Gainsborough Entry Sets Stronghold 800 Series Handle Sets 885 First impressions, 880 Accord.

    Gainsborough Entry Trims Single Hole Trim plate 997 First Impressions Handle,  Two Hole Trim Plates 980 slim style 980HSQ Slim Style Square Ends.

    Gainsborough Mortice Locks 755 series Mortice Locks 60mm Back set and 50mm backset. 775 Roller Bolt 60mm Backset and 45mm Backset. 760 sliding Door Mortice Lock

    Gainsborough Pull Handles – 600mm Pull Handles stainless steel Grade 304

    Gainsborough Security Door deadlocks – Hinged Security Door deadlock, Sliding Security Door Deadlock

    Gainsborough Door Closer – Pneumatic Door closer  white beige and black

    Gainsborough Patio Door Deadlocks – Double cylinder primrose sliding door dead lock

    Gainsborough Patio bolt –  satin chrome and can be keyed alike

    Gainsborough Classic Leversets – Metaline 600 series Imperial, Royale and Windsor.

    Gainsborough Classic Range Classic door Knob – Classic warm white knob, classic white knob, Diplomat knob.

    Gainsborough Tubular Latches – 480 series Dual Sprung Tubular Latches, rectangle face with strike, Rectangular Face with universal strike, Radius Face, and Drive in Collar.

    Sliding Cavity Door Sets – Rectangular Sliding Door Cavity Lock, Circular Sliding Cavity Door Lock, Square Sliding Cavity Door Lock.

    Gainsborough Door Closer –  For doors 24-45kg 3002V and doors 40-65kg 3003V for both inward and outward doors for the interior and exterior of doors.

    Gainsborough Door security Bolt –  Auxiliary Locking device Polished Brass 444PB Gainsborough Locksmiths

    Gainsborough Floor and Wall Stops – 605 Floor Stop 45mm base and height of 23mm.

    Gainsborough Padlocks – 55mm Brass padlock with a shackle height of 36mm

    Gainsborough Flush Bolts – 150mm or 200mm lengths bright chrome 6051 BC Flush Bolt

    Gainsborough Flush Pulls –  Radius Corner Flush Pulls 30mm X 25mm

    Gainsborough Window Sash Lock – Suitable for windows with existing sah locks as a replacement or windows that require a new sash Lock installed.

    Gainsborough Modern Lever sets:

    Gainsborough G2 SERIES – Contemporary – Angular, Angular Square, Precise, Align Square, Precise Square, Align

    Gainsborough G2 SERIES – Traditional – Outline, Sovereign and Windsor.

    Gainsborough G3 SERIES – Contractor 700 – Alyssia, Elena, Marijah, Sarina, Sofia, Venice.

    Gainsborough G4 SERIES – Contractor 100 – Lianna, Fiora, Amelia, Bailey, Florence, Carla, Olive.

    Gainsborough G4 SERIES – Residence S100 –  Amara, Kristina, Latoria, Incurve, Straight

     Gainsborough Locks are often used by many builders in todays line of constructions. The builders typically do not install the same locks as a Locksmith or what your local Hardware store would sell. Builders are given a specific range of Contractor Locks which is generally a cheaper version of Gainsborough as it is all about cost cutting when building a home. Gainsborough have some quality Locks in there range and stand by what they manufacture and sell.

    Gainsborough Locksmiths

    Dial: 0439 516 536