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    Handyman Locksmith that is Jason at Target Locksmiths. Covering all areas of Western Sydney NSW. As a general Handy person Jason can get your Locks fixed at a fraction of the cost compared to some of the big boys on the market today. With a Jack of trades and professional skills up his sleave he is sure to impress and satisfy customers. Target Locksmiths with Confidence is Fully Insured and Licenced to carry out Locksmith and Handy jobs around your residence.

    Handymen Locksmiths provides services to everyone in need of a job done around you home. Small or Large we can help with those little jobs you have been meaning to get to one day. We are handy with our skills and have a range of qualifications and knowledge that support what we do. We can repair a wide range of Locks around the house including those odd jobs . We do interior and exterior maintenance Locksmith work.


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    The Handy Locksmiths Can:

    • Repair a Lock
    • Change a Lock
    • Make a lock easier to turn
    • Stop hinges and Locks from making noises
    • Cut new keys and extra keys
    • Make a key to a lock that does not have a key
    • Fix sliding door locks that do not slide properly
    • Put new handles on doors
    • Take off Locks and install new locks
    • Clean up Locks
    • Lockset adjustments and modifications
    • Assistance with DIY Locks – Do it yourself locks
    • Provide Trade skills used on all jobs
    • Do Minor Locksmith jobs
    • Save money on Locks
    • Hire men Locksmith
    • High Quality Locksmith Work

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    As strange as this may sound my wife says “Hire MY Hubby” instead of Hire a Hubby. Everything I do I do it for you like I would in my home. If its not perfect or your not happy then we are not finished!

    Some of  Locksmiths Handy services include but not limited to:

    • Door Lock Installation
    • Door Lock Repair
    • Window Lock Repair
    • Key For Window Lock
    • Garage Door Lock Repair
    • Garage Door Lock Installs
    • Security Screen door Lock – single point locking or triple point Locking
    • Child Safety Locks
    • Swimming Pool Gate Lock
    • Glass Door Lock fixing
    • Key replacing

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