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    Lock Repairs should always be done by a qualified and Licenced Locksmith. This is because Locksmiths generally have years of expereince and training on how to keep Locks in there best condition and maximise the security protential in any situation. A Handyman Locksmith may be able to repair a Lock but can they guarantee the quality and security behind the work that is done. Our Locksmith Jason at Target Locksmiths provides a Lock Repair Guarantee and Warranty with any Lock that is repaired. Diffreent Locks and different circumstances are provided with different outcomes of warranty. 

    Broken Locks should always be looked at first with an opportunity to repair them first. Why should you buy a brand new lock if your lock can be repaired? Not all locks can be repaired, sometimes locks can be repaired but the situation becomes very touch and go and security is not always at its best. Lock repairs can be as simple as Lock Lubrication or springs and even missing parts like screws.



    We are often asked what are the do’s and don’ts of Lubrication a Lock. Using a proper Lubicated solution is important for Locks if you want them to last. Often people with try to Lubricate Locks with standard Vegetable Oil or Canola Oil, this is not a good idea in our opinion. By doing this in the furure you could have a disaster case on your hands with an incorrectly Lubicated Lock. Different Oils react differently some solidify and some start to smell.

    At Present we like to use the 3 in 1 Professional Lock Lubricant – we like to use products that are designed for Locks – made for Locks and are for Locks. Here are some reasons we choose the Professional Locks Lubrication as our preferred:

    • The Lubicant assist in Cleaning the Lock
    • The Lock Repair Lubricant has properties to help protect and prevent rust and corrosion
    • Penetrates throughout the lock internal body and makes the lock move more freely
    • Helps protect Locks from general wear and friction 
    • Has fatures designed to unblock and remove particles for the lock to move as it should.
    • It is a product of WD 40 company which is very well known.


    We aim to attempt to try to fix all locks by repair method. Sometimes though there are factors that stop you from getting a Lock repaired. They can include:

    • Sometimes Locks are Cheaper Brand new than trying to source parts to repair and existing Lock
    • Locks often are discontinued over the years so they cannot be repaired
    • Your Lock is not servicable – it was not designed to be serviced or repaired if needed
    • Lock is imported form overseas and spare parts do not exist 
    • Manufacturers cease making certain Locks or parts to Retro fit the Lock
    • The Lock is badly damaged and there is no choice but to replace the lock that broke.
    • Repairing the Lock may cause damage to surrounding areas
    • Locks are too old and specialised parts are hard to find – may have to be manufactured and welded to specification.

    So if you have a Lock and you are not sure if it can be repaired or replaced. Ask us first we will attempt to repair the Lock First if it saves you money. Otherwise we will provide free Option quotes and give you a selection and range of Locks to choose from – in styles – shapes and colours.

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