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  • Locked out of Home Locksmiths

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    Locked out of of Home? Sounds like you that your standing out the front of your home trying to find a way to get back in. When you are Locked out of Home the best solution is to call a locksmith. This will save you money from replacing smashed and broken windows, repalcing broken locks, replacing broken doors and could save your life.

    From $90.00 Locked out of Home

    How much does a Locksmith cost when Im locked out of home?

    During the day Target Locksmiths Home Lockout services charge from $90.00. This is a flat fee to unlock your door and includes GST. We do not have hidden labour charges or service charges what we quote is what we charge. We like to be upfront and honest with our customers and tell them the truth about our open secure and locksmith charges. We are a mobile Locksmith so we come to your home to open your door and pick open any locks you have.

    We enter homes by breaking into a home in a safe and professional manner. We unlock any doors which could be the front door on your home, back door on your home, garage door on your home, or side door on your home.  Every lock on your home is generally different so there are different styles and methods we use to unlock your lock in your home.

    From $90.00 Locked out of my House

    As Home and House lockout specialist our services include:  Locked out Home Locksmiths

    • Mobile Lock out Locksmith for Homes
    • 24hour Locked out Locksmith
    • Service to unlock your home door
    • Repair faulty locks when unlocking door
    • Locked out of home – door unlocking
    • Locked out of House – door lock picking
    • Home Lockout specialist
    • House Lockout specialist

    Many of us dont realise that we are locked out of our home until moments later or when we are trying to look for the keys. Its common to be locked out of your house, people do this everyday. If your are locked out of your home give us a call and book us in to unlock your door. In the mean time think about anything else you have to do like some quick shopping, gardening, fill up the car with petrol, coffee break. Waiting for a Locksmith to arrive is no fun so we always encourage people to do something instead of panicking. We will get your door unlocked and we will get you back inside. Sometimes we are really busy unlocking doors in homes so if we dont answer please leave a detailed message on our phone or send us a text message of the suburb and address of where you locked out and we will call you back.

    locked out of home locksmiths



    Locked out of Home Locksmiths

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