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    As a Lockwood Deadbolt Locksmith we are able to install any Lockwood Deadbolt, Repair any Lockwood Deadbolt and modify Lockwood deadbolts. We Specialise in installing deadbolts to doors and gates. In homes, offices, work site ant where that extra security is required.

    Lockwood Deadbolt 005 Paradigm Double Cylinder– Colour – Ever Brass – Shiny Gold (EVB) Round Lock – Square Lock

    Lockwood Deadbolt 005 Paradigm Double Cylinder – Colour –Brushed Satin Chrome (LSC) Round Lock – Square Lock

    Lockwood Deadbolt 005 Paradigm Double Cylinder – Colour – Chrome Plate – Shiny Silver (CP) Round Lock – Square Lock

    Lockwood Deadbolt 005 Paradigm Double Cylinder – Colour -Satin Chrome Pearl – Matt Silver (SP) Round Deadbolt  Lock – Square Deadbolt Lock

    Lockwood Deadbolt 005 Paradigm Double Cylinder – Colour –Satin Stainless Steel (SSS) Round Lock

    Lockwood Deadbolt 005 Paradigm Slimline style deadbolt that has a multi-mode function. A modern deadbolt that has a price tag against it being a Lockwood branded deadbolt. The deadbolt has a safety release so when the door slams it will prevent you from being locked in. There is a green indicator which tells you if the deadbolt is locked or opened.

    This Lock can be locked or unlocked with a key. The Lock can be transformed into a passage mode by using a key to pull the bolt in and hold it back. From the inside of the Lock you can turn the knob to lock the Lockwood deadbolt. This can be installed on a door thickness between 32 mm to 48mm thick. The stainless steel bolt that goes into the door frame is made of high security steel and is cut resistant. So anyone trying to cut the bolt in the lock will find it very hard. Lockwood Deadbolt Locksmith Paradigm

    The front side of the Lock is flat and the back side of the deadbolt has a turn knob.

    The Lockwood Brand is a Leading Brand and has been known for many years throughout Australia. The 005 Deadbolt conforms to the security requirements of Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008 | SL8D8C6K5

    The Lockwood 005 Deadbolt Lock has also been tested for Anti- Corrosion in accordance with AS2332.3.1:2001 neutral salt spray test. The stainless steel version of the Lockwood deadbolt has an increased level of corrosion resistance.

    As Lockwood Deadbolt Locksmiths our services include:

    • Installation of the Lockwood Style Deadbolts. You can buy the Lock or we can supply and install the Deadbolt Lock for you. Lockwood Deadbolt Locksmith
    • Repair and Fix Dead Locks where the key is stuck in the lock, or the Lock won’t turn
    • Locked out and have a security Deadbolt Lock? We unlock Lockwood Deadbolts
    • Emergency Deadbolt Locksmiths – During the day or after hours Locksmiths
    • 24 Hour Lockwood Deadbolt Locksmiths
    • Install a deadbolt to your home front door or back door
    • Match Dead Bolt Lock colours to your existing Locks on your door.
    • The Lockwood Deadbolt 005 Lock can be master keyed and rekeyed.
    • Remove existing deadbolt or door Lock and install a new Deadbolt.
    • Secure your home with a Deadbolt.
    • We install deadbolts with no holes in the door, metal door dead bolt, wooden door dead bolt, fibreglass door dead bolt, interior door dead bolt, exterior door dead bolt, bedroom door dead bolt and home door dead bolt.

    Lockwood Deadbolt Locksmith

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