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    Supply & install Peep hole to front door, back door or any door. Fire rated door viewer – units & apartments. Peephole door viwer locksmiths can install a small device normally in the centre of your door. It can also be installed on the side  or anywhere you request. Yes it is common to see door viewers low especially for customers in wheel chairs that are always quite low when reaching towards a door. A door viewer helps you see what is on the opposite side of the door during the day and during the night.

    Lockwood 160 Series Door Viewer:  Peephole door viewer lockwood locksmiths

    The 160 Lockwood peep hole door viewer has 160 degree viewing angles and can be installed on any standard wooden door that is between 32mm and 51mm thick. We can measure your door thickness for you to ensure the door viewer will fit. This door viewer is suitable for unit doors, flat doors, apartment doors, strata doors and home doors as it carries a fire rating of up to 4 hours. It is available in chrome plate or polished brass colours and has an optical glass lens. Our most common door viewer that we have installed.

    Abus Door Viewer 2300 NP Peep hole:  Abus  Door Viewer peep hole

    The Abus 2300 Door viewer is a high quality door viewer that has wide angle lens and has an internal lens cover that prevents lights in the house being seen from the outside. This door viewer can be fitted to a standrad home door with a tickness of 35mm to 55mm door.

    Abus Door Viewer 2160 peephole:

    The Abus peephole viewer 2160 is a standard door viewer that allows people to view who is on the othe otherside of the door without opening the door. Can be installed on any door between 35mm and 55mm in thickness.

    Abus Door viewer 2200 Peep Hole: Abus Door Viewer 2200 peephole

    Abus 2200 Peep hole door viewer has quite a large viewing angle of 200 degree’s. It is availble in two colours of chrome plate (silver ) and Polished brass (Gold). This door viewer can be installed on thicker doors with an added extension plate

    Zenith Door Viewer peep hole: Budget Door Viewer Locksmiths

    This is a budget simple door viewer. We dont usually offer these or install these door viewers but they are available to customers that are after a budget low cost door viewer. It provides a 160 degree  optical viewing area and can be supplied and installed in the choice of colours of chrome plate (shiny silver) and polished brass (shiny gold)

    Chubb door viewer WS9 peephole: Chubb door viewer Locksmiths

    The Chubb door viewer is designed more for the commercail market but can be fitted to residential locks. This door viewer has a 170 dregrre viewing area and has a fire rating to support it. This peen hole can be fitted to a door tickness of 40mm to 95mm and is available in the colour chrome plate.

    Brinno Door Viewer Digital Display: Brinno Digital door viewer

    The Brinno Door Viewer has an LCD display screen which allows you to visually see who is at the front door on the othersie to you by viewing a small screen. It is black with a silver fame around the outside. This can be installed on common home doors. These are really great if you find the traditional small door viewer too small. This allows better viewing if your eyes are not the best and you struggle to see through a tiny peep hole.

    Door viewers are installed on doors for many reasons some include the following:

    • Elderly and older age people so they can see who is on the otherside of the door before opening the door.
    • For children so they can see who is at the front door
    • For general safety  before opening a door
    • To keep sales people and door knockers away from your home you can see who is at the door before opening.
    • See Religous people before opening the door to something you are not interested in.
    • To provide a view of anyone waiting or dropped off parcels in front of your door
    • Beware of fake ID’s from computer sales men, Telephone salesmen, Electricity sales men, Water sales man, Gas Salesmen, look out for dangerous scams.

    Always keep in mind that your door is the barrier to protect you from the outside world. Teach your children and family to check through a door viewer who is at the front door and listen to who is at the front door.  If you are unsure dont open the door and if you think you are in danger call 000 the emergency hotline in Australia. Door viewers are not very expensive and I believe is a good investment for your safety and security as you never know who might be at your front door.

    Peephole door viewer Locksmiths

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