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    At Target Locksmiths we are Security Screen Door Specialist Located in Sydney. We cover all Suburbs west of Sydney. Our services of a Locksmith can supply and install a new Security Screen Door lock or Replace an old Security Screen Door lock.  Our Prices are the cheapest and we offer competitive Locksmith Prices to keep prices low looking for a locksmith to install a screen door lock.  At affordable rates we are able to be competitive with other locksmiths and provide quality branded products.

    A Security Screen door lock, of a Fly Screen door Lock is usually attached to a metal framed door. The metal door is a Security Screen Door with a screen mesh or Fly screen mesh on the outside. A lock is then fitted to the left hand side or the Right hand side of the actual door. These doors are great as they can be locked from the inside or outside but allows air to flow through your home, house, shop or business. They are often referred to as a security door as it is the first door we tend to lock and when someone approaches your home you can clearly see them and talk to them without having to open the door. The Security Screen Door Lock can be a swinging door Lock or a Sliding door Lock.

    How much is a screen door Lock? A common every day question we get asked. A Screen door Lock can vary in price as it depends on firstly the Brand that is required. Such as Whitco, Stegbar, Austral, Batman, Carbine, Lockwood, Doric, Hills, B and D,  to name a few. Then it depends on the style, it could be a narrow fit, wide fit, with a key or without a key, latching . After that you need to choose the colour that will match your door such as Black, Primrose, White, Green, Grey, Silver burgundy or Brown. There are triple locking and single point locking security screen door locks. As you can see there are many things that we need to know before giving to the best price for your lock.

    In some cases we can change brands of locks that will be a direct swap. As an example often we find that the Whitco Brand is interchangeable with many Austral Lock Branded Locks. It will also be cheaper. If someone tries to enter through the door it is usually quote noticeable from the noise.

    Here are some or our services that we do as Sydney Security Screen Door Locksmiths:

    • Repair a Broken Security Screen Door Lock Security Screen Door Lock Whitco Tasman Lock
    • Change the Cylinder in the Lock
    • Swap the Barrel in a security Door Lock
    • Replace springs in Screen door handles when loose
    • Install Brand New Security Screen Door Locks
    • Whitco Security Screen Door Lock Brand Sydney Security Screen Door Lock Whitco Tasman MK3 Lock
    • Austral Security Screen Door Lock Brand
    • Fix a Security Screen Door Lock
    • Make Keys to a Lock, Cut Keys on site
    • Key Cutting and setting
    • Same Cylinder Can be used when replacing a Lock Body
    • Home Locksmith Services for your security
    • Triple point Locking Screen Door Locks Security Sreen door lock locksmith
    • Single Point Security Screen Door Locks
    • Break in, Burglary, Theft, Vandalised and Robbery Locksmith service
    • Replace Faulty Locks, Replacement Locksmith Lock service
    • Lost Keys, Keys Stolen to a screen door Lock
    • Evictions  Security Screen Door Locksmiths Whitco Blaxland door lock
    • Rental Door Locks on Property
    • Flick Switch, Latch Repairs
    • Real Estate, Strata, Body Corporate and Common Ground

    So if you need a Screen door lock, or to get a price on how much a lock will cost please give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you. We are Professional Locksmiths That understand how to install a Lock and the instructions of fitting the Lock correctly to ensure that the lock suits its function 100%.

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