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  • Shared lunch with a Gold Coast Locksmith

  • The locksmith and security industry is seeing fast development of different products and services so I like to make sure I keep myself up to date on new techniques by visiting different security exhibitions and conferences… At least one every year.

    This year I visited one down  in Melbourne the “Security Exhibition and Conference” held on the 15th to 17 July.  It was all a bit ho-hum to tell the truth and I was expecting quite a bit more but there was two positive standout moments for me.

    1. Bumping into Jason Taylor. Jason is a Blacktown locksmith. No he is not the former Norths winger and South’s rugby league coach – he’s a working Joe like me making his way in the world as a suburban locksmith.  He operates in and around Blacktown in Sydney.  There wasn’t much room in the pop-up restaurant so we ended up sharing a table and some conversation over lunch.

      We are both hard-working locksmiths try to stamp ourselves as leaders in our areas by providing high level of service and offering quality locksmithing and security solutions to our clients.

      It was really good to meet another locksmith so passionate about his work and focused on providing the best possible solutions to his clients. You just can’t stand still in this business because everything moves just so fast and we are both working hard to keep on top of new developments.

      We shared a lot of similar experiences for example having to compete with big call centres that can pay big bucks for online advertising well outside the reach of all time locksmiths. We even had surprisingly similar funny lockout stories to share.

    2. Seeing an array of new toys when it comes to surveillance equipment the standout being the 3G HD Spectre Solar Cam which is going to be a game changer when it comes to home surveillance equipment.

    How so?

    1. It’s 100% solar so it doesn’t require an electrician to install, greatly reducing setup costs.
    2. Its wireless so you don’t need data cabling either and it can send images to a hard drive for storage or even send messages advising there is a problem direct to your smart phone.
    3. It’s got built-in motion detection so I can jump to a higher quality of recording and focus when needed, saving power when its not.
    4. It’s mobile and removable so it’s entirely suitable for renters and can even be affixed to caravans.
    5. Its got a spoken warning system.  “OyE!  Stop breaking into this house, you are being video recorded!”

    I was really excited by this product and looking forward to getting some clients on to it.