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    Arndell Park being just on the edge of Blacktown is well inside our coverage area, so if you’ve arrived home to find yourself keyless, or if yourkeys are smugly sitting in your ignition with all doors locked… call us now at Target Locksmiths and we’ll scramble a van and have someone on their way to assist you in minutes.  We understand that your time is valuable,  and your budget for a lockout solution is likely tight so when it comes to lockout pricing in Arndell Park?  We are super competitive and always fast to respond.

    Being locked out, is always a nuisance, but don’t let it ruin your day with a long wait for an expensive solution. We will always look for the best solution for you.  Broken you key off in your front door?  We can likely extract the broken bit, without needing to replace the whole lock.  At worst, we can do a barrel replacement rather than a whole lock replacement.  Whatever your Arndell Park lockout needs?  We will be looking for the best result for you

    Professional Arndell Park locksmith services

    Our locksmith services are done by professionals who are certified to do so. You can relax and rest assured that we will be there for you whenever you need us and when we send someone to help, they will know what to do, have the tools to do it and have it sorted in as short a time as possible.. From car locks to house security systems and even safes for those who have them installed in their houses, we can fix all of them.

    24 hour Arndell Park locksmiths

    Not only are we available to fix these for you when you need us, but we are there on a 24 hour basis so that your emergencies are attended to when you need them to. Saturday night(or Sunday morning!) and you are locked out?  No problem… we are here to help

    Locked out in Arndell Park  no fun looking for a locksmith near by to open your door. When your are locked out you panic and call around to see if you have a spare key anywhere. We carry the lastest technology in tools to open your door and get you back inside  as fast as we can. Locked out of your door,need a locksmith because you are locked out of your car , flat, unit or apartment. We pick door locks and get your door open quickly.
    Some of our service range include the following:

    • Lock rekeying and barrel replacement
    • Electronic locking systems
    • Complete home security systems.
    • Safe installation and maintenance