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    Gledswood Hills a new suburb in the Macarthur Region of Camden. Gledswood Hills was named after Gledswood Homestead a common place for functions and weddings set on the Hills of Gledswood.

    New homes are being build by the day and Land is being sold to new home owners and buyers.

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    We provide construction site locksmith request. From gates locks, to Bad locks and chains. Bob cat keys, Tractor keys, excavator keys, Truck Keys, Fence Keys, Anything to lock up and keep your construction site secure.

    Locked your keys in your car in Gledswood Hills. No worries. Call 0439 516 536. We can help you unlock your car and get to your keys fast.

    Locksmith Gledswood Hills NSW 

    Set among natures path the area is filled with trees and is very country like in setting. When your new home is built call us for a FREE QUOTE. We can check if all your locks are working how they are supposed to be. Builders can mis – align locks and they look installed but dont actually function to lock up in a secure way. 

    Locks can look good – but its important that quality Locks and Qualified Locksmiths have installed the lock. Installing a lock from a packet can be done too but often people forget there is a technique as every dorr is different and its all those little extras like backing plates, fillers, strike plates etc that dont come in a standard pack that people get confused with.

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