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    South Penrith 2750 New South Wales  Australia is a locksmithing are Target Locksmiths cover located out in the western suburbs of  sydney. Boasting with a population of around 2500 residents.

    Target Locksmiths in South Penrith aim to be the cheapest and most affordable Lock and Key Expert. We all know that keeping at a budget and getting good value  for the money we spend is important. Thats whey we offer low locksmith prices and a special rate to our customers. Our standard and Quality of work is exceptional and beyond a high level of importance.

    I need my Locks changed what does it cost? 0439 516 536

    To change a lock it will cost $80.00. This is a rekey cost this cost covers the service call, and the work complete with GST. Its often a lock will get changed when  you move into a new place, or someone has moved out, or you have new employees, or an employee has left, or you dont want someone to have a key or access to a door, you are worried someone else has a key, you have a suspision someone is entering your home when your not home. We call this a rekeying service and it is much cheaper to rekey a lock than it is to replace a whole lock. You will get new keys with your lock and the old key will no longer work anymore.

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     South Penrith Lockout Locksmiths – Locked out: 0439 516 536

    Im locked out of my unit. How much does it cost to unock my door? What is the price to get my door unlock becasue i locked my keys inside. How do i open my apartment door without a key? I need a locksmith to open my flat door. Locked out of my bedrrom, bathroom or Toilet door. How do i break into my home without a key? Locked my keys in my car. Need to pick open my door and get my keys. We are the lock out locksmiths of South Penrith. We unlock doors, pick a door open, gain entry to a door and make keys to a door. If you have lost your keys we are able to make a new key or change your lock for peace of mind. 

    Locks and Types of Locks: 0439 516 536

    At Target Locksmiths in South Penrith we are able to repair, install, fix, change, modify, adjust, swap and break into some of these locks and security fittings.  Front door locks such as dead locks, deadlatch, deadbolt, entrance set, door handle , night latch , peep hole, door knob, slide bolt. Back door locks such as sliding door lock, security screen door lock, dead lock, Internal locks – bathroom lock, bedroom lock, filing cabinet lock, safe lock, toilet lock, laundy lock, sliding lock, padlock, window lock, shed lock, garage lock, veranda lock, patio bolt lock, car ignitions, car locks, shop locks, commercial locks, fire locks and pool locks.

    We accept credit cards, master cards, visa cards, cash, eftpos, direct bank transfer, bank deposits, cash , debit cards, cheque or saving, or bank cheques. 

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